We're in!

We've been accepted into the Community Midwifery homebirthing programme :) This will now only change if i have some complications further down the track or the baby turns breech and we can't turn it around.

I met my midwife today who seems really nice, i'm very happy to have her. She advised to cancel the antenatal appointment at the hospital as the CMWA will forward my application with the homebirthing details to the hospital and they'll only need to see me at around 30 weeks. They can also schedule my blood tests so i don't need to see my GP unless i wish to. I'll see what my GP says at the next appointment, whether she'd prefer to review my results or if she's happy to let the CMP manage it.

My midwife took down all my details and test results, and took the results with her. Hopefully that doesn't bode anything bad, she did mention they had other hypothyroid women on the programme. Probably it's just to consult with her colleagues. I expect to get them back at the next appointment.

I had a urine test done, blood pressure taken, and got to listen to the blood rushing through the placenta (which makes a whoosh whoosh sound), and the baby's heartbeat, which sounds more like horses' hooves :) Heartbeat was at 154, up slightly from the 12 week scan where it was 149.

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