First maternity bra

I decided the time had now come to purchase a maternity bra. I've been wearing the loosest bras i have in my normal size, but they're leaving marks across my boobs as they're obviously too small. So i left work early yesterday and headed to the nearest lingerie shop that sold Hotmilk bras. I love their designs.

I picked out a few to try on, as well as a Lovable brand one. I figured i'd try one and two cup sizes above my normal - turns out i've grown two cup sizes :o.

Didn't have too much luck with the Hotmilk ones - they come up too far in the middle for me, the Lovable was much better but as i have quite a narrow chest the edge of the bra where the straps attach was too close to my arm, and when i move my arm forward the bra rubs. So i asked one of the shop ladies if she had anything similar to the Lovable but with straps more to the middle of the cup.

She found a few and sent me back to the changing rooms. I'd put on a bra and she'd come in, adjust the straps and judge the fit, and then go off and find a few more for me to try. I'm very hard to fit, being quite small in the chest (usually a 10C) and have an indent in the middle of my chest wall (called pectus excavatum; think Grace Park from Hawaii 5-0) so a lot of full cup bras just won't sit properly along my sternum. She persisted and within half an hour we had three bras that fitted quite well. One was a Lovable, but it was a little close to my arms like the first one, the other i can't remember the brand but it was a full cup non padded bra that fitted really well, but didn't offer as much support as my normal padded bras - also it made me look a little pointy. I decided on a gorgeous one from Triumph called Glamour Mama, in 12D (similar to 10DD but more room in the back). No wonder my boobs had been bursting out of my usual bras. It was reduced in price too, bit of a bonus, but unfortunately the reason for that is it's been discontinued. I'll wear it over the next week and if i find it really comfortable think i'll head in again to see if they have a second one.

The suggestion is that you get fitted at 3-4 months, and again at 7 months (assuming your bras aren't uncomfortable during this time). You should be able to slide a hand in the top of the bra cup, to allow for the milk ducts to expand when your milk comes in.

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