First baby-related purchase

Yesterday i stopped by the second hand shops on my way to buy some cream for the macarons, and found my first baby purchase :) It's an Avent microwave steam steriliser that can hold up to six bottles. I am lucky i was researching breast pumps a few days before or i wouldn't have known what it was. I got it for $4, saving about $60 :) They didn't have any bottles, but that's ok - i can get them from eBay still quite cheaply. There's an auction i have bookmarked that has the whole manual breast pump kit, box and all, plus some extra bottles.

Have also been doing a lot of research on nappies. My favourites are Blueberry and BumGenius. Both these brands are expensive to buy in Australia but American sites will ship Blueberry to you, saving about $8 per nappy (including shipping), but BumGenius distributors are not allowed to ship outside of the country they are in. BumGenius in the US costs US$18 per nappy. BumGenius in the UK is about 16 (about AU$25). BumGenius in Aus costs AU$38 (at the moment this is about US$37). Don't really see the fairness in this system. eBay is a way of getting around this as those sellers are not bound by the same laws as the distributors.

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