Feeling baby move

For a week or two now, i've noticed a squirmy sort of feeling in my lower abdomen, mostly when i'm quiet and sitting or lying down. It feels almost like gas, but instead of rumbling around it's more of a smooth movement across the belly. I mostly feel it on my right moving towards the middle, quite low down.

This weekend it's graduated to a tiny pop from the inside as well as the squirm. I think now that it's baby moving around in there. Hubby had his hand on the baby lump this morning and when i could feel the squirm, he could feel that the lump had moved. Baby was curled up lower down and then moved into a stretched out position reaching to the level of my belly button. Most of the time it stays lower down.

I'm grateful it's just a squirm and the occasional pop at the moment - i am not looking forward to the inevitable kicking frenzy towards the last few months, with my stomach looking like a washing machine :) Although of course the upside is you know baby is strong and doing well!

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