Announcing pregnancy to boss

For some reason, i was really nervous about telling my boss. He's generally a pretty understanding boss but i was worried about how they would handle my leave.

I walked past his office and asked if he had five minutes, which he did, so i walked in and shut the door. This was when it seemed really serious, you know, the 'this is it!' moment and my legs started shaking so i tried to hide them by standing with one leg forward. How silly :) I said straight out, 'i have something to tell you, i'm pregnant', and he just smiled and said 'that's great!'

I explained i'd be leaving in March, how much leave i would be taking (paid leave length varies depending how long you've been with the company), that i was intending to come back full time at the end of that, and that i wasn't sure what would happen to my job during my leave. He told me it wasn't a problem, that we would train one of our staff members to keep things running, and that there were options on my return such as part time, working from home etc if they appealed to me. He mentioned that they'd had a girl who'd taken maternity leave (before i started) and had come back part time then moved on elsewhere. He asked me to speak to the staff member we were planning to train to see if she was interested in covering my job while i was away, and to get all my documentation up to date to help her out if something happens while i'm away.

I spoke to my workmate who was a little unsure but willing to have a go at covering me. She then asked was i going on leave for a while? so i lowered my voice to a whisper (we're in open plan cubicles) and told her i was taking maternity leave. Her reaction made me smile, 'Get out!' she said in great surprise, and then congratulated me when i confirmed it. Guess my stomach isn't as obvious as i've been imagining it is :)

Haven't told the rest of the team yet. I think i'll let them know one by one, maybe just if it comes up in conversation or if it's brought up in a work capacity, eg if someone asks me why i've had so many appointments lately.

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