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First baby-related purchase

Yesterday i stopped by the second hand shops on my way to buy some cream for the macarons, and found my first baby purchase :) It's an Avent microwave steam steriliser that can hold up to six bottles. I am lucky i was researching breast pumps a few days before or i wouldn't have known what it was. I got it for $4, saving about $60 :) They didn't have any bottles, but that's ok - i can get them from eBay still quite cheaply. There's an auction i have bookmarked that has the whole manual breast pump kit, box and all, plus some extra bottles.

Have also been doing a lot of research on nappies. My favourites are Blueberry and BumGenius. Both these brands are expensive to buy in Australia but American sites will ship Blueberry to you, saving about $8 per nappy (including shipping), but BumGenius distributors are not allowed to ship outside of the country they are in. BumGenius in the US costs US$18 per nappy. BumGenius in the UK is about 16 (about AU$25). BumGenius in Au…

Salted caramel macarons

I've been wanting to try these for some time now, and decided Saturday morning to make a batch. I read several recipes and decided to use my usual macaron recipe with a salted caramel filling recipe from LadyMacaron20ten. I've reproduced it below, with one change - I couldn't get sea salt flakes here so have had to make do with ground sea salt.

125g Fresh Cream
175g Caster Sugar
5g ground Sea Salt
175g Unsalted Butter (chopped into small cubes)

MAKE THE CARAMEL: Melt the sugar over low heat until it caramelises. Heat the cream in a separate saucepan until it reaches boiling point then slowly pour it into the melted sugar. Blend with a whisk and allow the caramel to cool. When it reaches 45 degrees celsius add the butter and whisk until well combined. Pour into a shallow stainless steel tray, place cling wrap on the top, to prevent a skin from forming, then cool in the fridge. When set, remove from the fridge, bring back to room temperature and hand whisk agai…


Not my tummy (although that's looking pretty round these days), but my first feeling of a kick from the outside at 16 weeks and 1 day. It's the weirdest feeling! I was sitting reading forum posts on my laptop when i noticed that bub had been quite active for a while, so i put my hand over where it usually is on the right, and felt a pop right in the middle of my palm! I waited a little while and there was a harder kick to the edge of my hand. I think we have a little soccer player in there!

I've booked the 20 week ultrasound, hopefully as well as giving us reassurance that everything is developing as it should, bub will be in a good position to determine it's gender. Would be nice to say 'he' or 'she' rather than 'it'. The woman i spoke to on the phone told me to drink a litre and a half of water before the scan, finishing 45 minutes before the start time. Huh? I'll be 20 weeks, i'm pretty sure they won't need any water at all to be …

We're in!

We've been accepted into the Community Midwifery homebirthing programme :) This will now only change if i have some complications further down the track or the baby turns breech and we can't turn it around.

I met my midwife today who seems really nice, i'm very happy to have her. She advised to cancel the antenatal appointment at the hospital as the CMWA will forward my application with the homebirthing details to the hospital and they'll only need to see me at around 30 weeks. They can also schedule my blood tests so i don't need to see my GP unless i wish to. I'll see what my GP says at the next appointment, whether she'd prefer to review my results or if she's happy to let the CMP manage it.

My midwife took down all my details and test results, and took the results with her. Hopefully that doesn't bode anything bad, she did mention they had other hypothyroid women on the programme. Probably it's just to consult with her colleagues. I expect t…

Feeling baby move

For a week or two now, i've noticed a squirmy sort of feeling in my lower abdomen, mostly when i'm quiet and sitting or lying down. It feels almost like gas, but instead of rumbling around it's more of a smooth movement across the belly. I mostly feel it on my right moving towards the middle, quite low down.

This weekend it's graduated to a tiny pop from the inside as well as the squirm. I think now that it's baby moving around in there. Hubby had his hand on the baby lump this morning and when i could feel the squirm, he could feel that the lump had moved. Baby was curled up lower down and then moved into a stretched out position reaching to the level of my belly button. Most of the time it stays lower down.

I'm grateful it's just a squirm and the occasional pop at the moment - i am not looking forward to the inevitable kicking frenzy towards the last few months, with my stomach looking like a washing machine :) Although of course the upside is you know ba…

Pregnancy Medical Clinic visit

Turns out the appointment at 15 weeks that was scheduled for me, with the Medical Clinic at the hospital, was, as my GP had thought, to do with my thyroid results. I saw a doctor there today who went over my medical history very quickly but thoroughly, looked at my thyroid results and i told her about the newest blood test results, and she was pleased with my new TSH level. She wonders if perhaps the first TSH reading was a lab anomaly, because my antibodies are low which rules out Hashimoto's, but advised now is not the time to test that theory! I'm welcome to go off the thyroxine once my levels have stabilised several months after birth and during breastfeeding to see if the TSH goes back up.

She went over post-partum thyroid disease, which is where the thyroid can actually go hyper then hypoactive after birth, and that's when i'll need to be monitored as i am now, every 4 weeks, to check on it. She suggested i do one more blood test and then if the levels are stable…

Announcing pregnancy to boss

For some reason, i was really nervous about telling my boss. He's generally a pretty understanding boss but i was worried about how they would handle my leave.

I walked past his office and asked if he had five minutes, which he did, so i walked in and shut the door. This was when it seemed really serious, you know, the 'this is it!' moment and my legs started shaking so i tried to hide them by standing with one leg forward. How silly :) I said straight out, 'i have something to tell you, i'm pregnant', and he just smiled and said 'that's great!'

I explained i'd be leaving in March, how much leave i would be taking (paid leave length varies depending how long you've been with the company), that i was intending to come back full time at the end of that, and that i wasn't sure what would happen to my job during my leave. He told me it wasn't a problem, that we would train one of our staff members to keep things running, and that there w…

Announcing to family

We made the announcement on Saturday afternoon as planned :) My sister called us on Skype, i got everyone indoors, grabbed Mum and Dad's card and hid it in my jumper, and went back to the computer. Her boyfriend was in the shower however so we waited for him to finish and come back to the computer - i asked to speak to him but didn't give a reason. My sister looked puzzled but didn't question and we all continued talking while Dad was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Her boyfriend then got out of the shower and back to the computer, and i asked him to retrieve the envelope i'd sent my sister which he'd hidden last week when i told them it was her birthday card, telling him there was actually two cards inside - one for her birthday, and one to be opened today. But we were nearly foiled - the kitchen had gone quiet and Dad and my brother were nowhere to be seen! Eventually we checked the garage and saw the car was gone.

Plan B.... i told my sister and her boyfriend t…

Thyroid test results after a month on thyroxine

I got a printout straight from the lab this time, rather than from my doctor, and i noticed they have different ranges, although both state the reference range applies to pregnancy. Not sure what to infer from that but i've asked for a printout from my doctor as well so i'll pick that up tomorrow. Will get a call from my doctor next week if she wants me to change my dosage.

My TSH has reduced from 5.94 to 2.46. My doctor wanted it between 1 and 2. My T4 has gone up slightly, to be just above the lab's normal range (and just within the range from my doctor on my previous test), but their comment is that it's consistent with adequate replacement. T3 is well within normal range.

NT results

Had my doctors visit to organise my 14 week thyroid blood test and got the results of the NT scan. We had a background risk, due to my age, of 1:350 for Trisomy 21, 1:809 for Trisomy 18, and 1:2551 for Trisomy 13. Adjusted risk after the scan and bloodwork is 1:7001, 1:16187 and 1:51018. I'm very pleased with those results.
I also asked my doctor about the lump that appears above my belly button when i tense my stomach muscles as though to do a situp. She explained that hormones can also cause it, and it's not just caused by the baby getting large, but would like to refer me to a physiotherapist who can give me exercises to stop the split, which is called diastasis recti, from getting worse and maybe even repair it. I'm inferring from that it's not normal this early in the pregnancy, which is what i suspected anyway.
She also thinks the 15 week appointment with the Medical Clinic is to do with my thyroid. I'll bring in the results of my latest blood test with me when…

Hard lump to the right of my belly

Last night i had an upset stomach (not unusual for me, i'm mildly lactose intolerant) and was laying down in bed rubbing my tummy, when i noticed a hard lump above my pubic bone, to the right. It felt about the size of a lime. I wondered if it were the baby, but couldn't think why it would be on one side. I tried laying on my left for 10 minutes and rolling back, but the lump was still on the right.

I googled it today and discovered other pregnant women have experienced the same thing, on both the left and right. They think if it's a hard lump it's the head, and a softer lump is the bum. I can't feel it nearly as strongly tonight and now it's closer to the centre.

You're pregnant - what to do next?

One question i had while trying to conceive was, once i fall pregnant and have confirmed this with a pregnancy test, what do i need to do next? I read lots of forum posts and googled the question, but didn't really come up with anything concrete. It seemed most of the posters were on their second or subsequent child and already knew what to do, or if they were on their first didn't mention what they did... or were clueless like me. So, to help others, this is a list of my suggestions of what you should do. I'm going from my own experience and i chose to go public, so if you're choosing to go private and want an obstetrician, during your first doctors appointment for the blood test confirmation, ask for a referral and probably from then on you'll see your obstetrician. Also i'm trying for a home birth so i have midwife appointments as well.

Confirm your pregnancy with an HPT - a home pregnancy test. Try as hard as you can do to this *after* your period is due... …