My doctor called today just before i was about to leave work. She explained she'd been reading about tsh and thyroid hormone levels in pregnancy, and had even rung the specialists she knows at King Edward hospital to discuss with them, and they've told her even though my T3 and T4 levels were normal, it often happens in pregnancy that they'll drop later on. Instead of checking my levels every 4 weeks and reacting after a possible drop, they have suggested that i go on a low dose of Thyroxine (synthetic thyroid hormone) immediately to try to get my tsh levels down to 1-2 and prevent my free T3 and T4 from dropping below the normal range. I'll still be monitored every 4 weeks to check levels.

She's not in tomorrow but will get one of the other doctors to write me a prescription which i can pick up from the receptionists in the afternoon. They're starting me on 50mcg which she explained is a standard low starting dose.

She also warned me that i may not be accepted into the Community Midwifery Programme for a homebirth, as the thyroid anomaly may lead to them considering me too high risk for the programme. She is happy to write me a referral to either my local public hospital or possibly the specialist women's hospital King Edward, although they may not consider me high-risk enough - they only take on high-risk pregnancies as they are very popular.

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