There's a lump in my belly button

I ran a bath for myself on Thursday night and as i was laying back in it, i happened to look down at my stomach. There was a raised band of muscle above my navel. That's weird, i thought, and poked it, as you do, to check that it was muscle. It was firm and disappeared as soon as i laid back properly and there was no stress on my stomach muscles. I was about to put it down to just one of the odd pregnancy things that you get, with your insides moving around to make room for the now grapefruit sized uterus, when i looked at my belly button as i was tensing my stomach muscles.

My navel is an innie, but flat - as in you can see the inside of the navel and it's not deep enough to collect fluff (ew!). Just where my belly piercing rests in the middle of my navel, there was what looked like a bruise, and as i tensed the skin around it puffed out slightly, and went back to normal when i released my stomach muscles. Poking around when the muscles were tensed revealed a weakness in the muscle, right in the middle, where you'd expect the muscles to start separating in the second trimester (diastasis recti). But i'm only 10 weeks!

Hubby thinks he can feel a gap in the muscles just below the navel, but i can't. It's a little scary that it's happening so early. I know not to do situps in pregnancy, but now i'm worried about sitting up normally - do i need to roll sideways or pull myself up instead of sitting normally to avoid damaging the muscles further? I do have some pregnancy stomach exercises which i found on this site: Blooming Fit, which work on the muscles that wrap round your stomach like a corset (transverse abdominus) and also your outer and inner obliques, helping to protect your stomach and back while not injuring the front abs (rectus abdominus). I have to work these into my daily routine so i'm doing them more often - at the moment i'm lucky if i manage once a week and clearly it's not enough!

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