Practice makes perfect - second try at apple and cinnamon cupcakes

My workmates were disappointed that the last batch of apple and cinnamon cupcakes had disappeared before i could bring them into work, so i've had a second go at baking them. All went well, i put them in paper cases this time which i think suits this mix better. They've risen very high; i suspect my oven is too hot and i'll have to try baking at 10 or 20 degrees lower than the recipe.

My new handheld Mixmaster whipped up the seven minute frosting very easily. In fact i think i could have stopped mixing at about five minutes, but i kept going for the full seven minutes. I remembered to add the vanilla this time and beat for a few more minutes off the heat until the icing had cooled enough to pipe.

Last week i found a Wilton 2D icing tip at Kitchen Warehouse and that's what i've used to ice these. Makes them look so much more professional! I'm really pleased with it. Just have to get hold of a 1M as well. Only a tiny bit of icing left over this time, i covered more of each cupcake with this tip than i did previously.

I've got eight of these beauties packed into my new cupcake transport container for work (we've got a few of our team away tomorrow so i don't need many) and the other four stay at home for us :)

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