NT scan

We went in for our NT scan today. I asked at the counter when i could get the results, apparently they have to be sent with my blood test results to the main radiology office and it's there they work out the risk, and email the results through to my doctor. They suggested that it could be done by Tuesday, so i'll be making a call to my doc to see when she receives them.

I was asked to drink a litre of water before the scan, stopping drinking an hour before. I managed one cup of coffee (which isn't really a good idea as caffeine is a diuretic) and three glasses of water. However i'm glad i only drank that much; i had to hold my seatbelt away from my stomach as i was getting close to the centre and as we had to wait 15 minutes to be called i was no longer able to sit down but had to stand as the pressure was too painful. By the time we got into the sonographer's room i looked like i had a small balloon in the lower half of my belly!

She explained that she'd have a quick look with the ultrasound tool then let me go to the toilet to empty almost all the liquid out. Thankfully she was very gentle and didn't press down with the wand. There was a screen at the foot of the bed so hubby and i could see without craning our necks. Almost straight away she picked up an image of this tiny bouncing baby, who appeared to be doing leaps almost like you would on a trampoline. I giggled but quickly learned to stop that as it made the viewing angle change and baby couldn't be seen.

After a few minutes she asked me to go empty my bladder - she said count to at least 30, and it doesn't matter if you let all the liquid out accidentally as your kidneys are still passing through the rest of the water. After the toilet break i was way more comfortable and she was able to press down more and get some different angles. Baby didn't want to lie flat and had it's chin pressed down on it's chest for quite a while, but she was quick when baby would invariably move and managed to get a good NT fold measurement of 1.4mm. She tried to get it to change position to get a good crown to rump measurement by having me lie on my side, then turning back onto my back, but bub would just settle to the bottom again with it's chin resting on it's chest. We were able to see the spine which had started to calcify, the bladder, arms and legs moving around, hands with fingers, and a heart beating at 149 bpm. She also turned the sound on and let us listen to it :) She took a skull measurement and a crown to rump length, and averaged them out to say i was at 12 weeks 0 days (i'm at 12w3d) which she said was fine as they are accurate up to 5 days.

We didn't manage to get a clear nub picture, i didn't ask as i could see the baby was curled rather than lying flat which wouldn't have been ideal for gender guessing. It was bouncing around a lot in the first half of the scan, waving arms and legs and at one point faced us and she took a quick shot of the alien face :) They do look funny at this age.

By this time we'd been in there about 25 minutes, so she asked me to go to the toilet once more to let the rest out and see if we could get it lying flat, but no go. She gave us 15 pictures on disk and a lot more on radiographic film, which we waited for for a few minutes after paying.

I'm very pleased with the measurement. Hopefully when put together with my blood test we come back with a low risk. I'm still nervous, but less so now we've seen bub moving around. Will be calling the doctors on Tuesday to see if the results have come through, and if they're low risk then i'll send off our announcement card for my sister, which needs a week to get there, but is better if it's early. I've stuck a note on the back saying not to open until i tell her so! I want to see her reaction on Skype.

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