NT results back....

and we're low risk!!!!

I'm so relieved.

I called the medical centre today after lunch and they said to call back after 3pm as the nurse who gives out test results was at lunch. So at 3pm i found another empty meeting room and called through. They said a client had just gone in to see her and there was another waiting, so could i call at 4pm? I explained i didn't actually have an office but was in an open plan area, and so as not to discuss test results with my workmates in earshot i had to keep finding an empty office to call from. The receptionist was sympathetic and said she'd get the nurse to call my mobile, and about 3:30 i got a call, which i took outside. The nurse said they had my blood test results, but not the results of my scan. I asked the test results anyway, but they didn't make much sense to me.

The thyroid test that i'd had done at the same time came back with a much lower TSH, normal T3, high T4 but still within normal range, which is expected now that i'm on thyroxine. I have to have the test done again in a few days, as i need to have been on the thyroxine for about a month to see what levels this dose is going to even out at. I only had the test done this time as when i got the pathology form printed, we had been going to leave it unmedicated and just watch it, but after advice from some specialists a week or two later my doctor prescribed me a low dose of thyroxine to prevent any issues, rather than reacting afterwards.

So i was still worried. The nurse had suggested i call the radiology clinic to see if they would give me the results. The problem with this was i'd either have to call them from my mobile, and i didn't know how long the call would take (i'm on prepaid), or i'd have to find an empty staff office - this particular number couldn't be called from the meeting room phone. As i was pondering what to do, my boss announced he was going home and walked out - but too quickly for me to ask him, without my other workmates hearing, if i could borrow his office and phone. So i unlocked his office door when he'd gone and made a sneaky call to the radiology head office.

The lovely lady who answered the phone took all my details and then looked up the results for me. She said that my doctor should have the results as they'd been cleared for release that morning, but i explained that i'd called the nurse less than an hour ago and she wasn't able to see any results through for me. So she told me :) She didn't give me the actual risks, but said that it all looked normal and that they'd stated i was low risk. I was very relieved and she sounded quite pleased that she'd made someone's day :) She said any of the radiology clinics would print out my results for me, but as they shut at 5pm i can't get there in time, so i guess i'll make an appointment at the doctors and ask them.

Now it's time to make our first announcement :) We want to tell my parents and my sister at the same time, and as my sister is overseas we're going to do a Skype call to her, from my parents house to her. She'll hopefully have received her announcement card by then, and i'll ask her to open it at the same time as i hand Mum and Dad's card to them. I might ask her boyfriend to make sure they're home at a particular time and call her then. We're quite excited!

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