Nerves before NT scan

I'm nervous. I've been nervous since around week 9. I no longer have morning sickness but i do feel 'changes' around where my uterus is, as in it just feels a little odd, sometimes uncomfortable. Almost like movement down there, as though i can feel muscles stretching and organs moving (very very slowly obviously). So although my head tells me i'm most likely still pregnant and everything is progressing, i'm a little worried about getting in for the scan and the sonographer finding nothing there. I'm very aware that my first blood test did not include an HCG count, so this pregnancy is all based on the positive pregnancy test and the fact i haven't had my period since the start of June. I haven't had a repeat of the tiny blood scares from week 6 and 8 either, fingers crossed.

My other fear is one of the trisomy disorders. I'm under 35 and have no family history on either side of these disorders, but i'm overly concerned about it. I think part of the issue is even with a scan that reports you as low risk, it doesn't entirely rule it out. The scan gives you a risk amount, eg 1 in 10000. 9999 babies will be born healthy, but one will be that one in 10000 born with a trisomy disorder that wasn't picked up.

My tummy has started being visibly rounder in the last few days. I'm having to be careful which shirt i wear for work, and some i just have to wear with a cardigan tied round the middle. I can imagine in a few weeks time i'll be limited in which shirts i can wear without showing, before i announce to work. It's probably not noticable unless you know me (i normally have a very flat stomach) and unless you're really looking (and i have one workmate who does notice things like this!). I doubt a stranger will notice for a few months yet. I'd really like to wait until about 4 months before i tell work, so we'll have to see how i go.

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