MeAprilJuneAugust (10 wks pg)Aim
Right thigh53cm (21")54.5 (21.5")52.5cm (20.5")48cm (19")
Left thigh52cm (20.5")53cm (21")52cm (20.5")48cm (19")
Waist68.5cm (27")
Stomach99cm (39")99.5cm (39")97.5cm (37.5")86cm (34")

I am surprised (and pleased) that i've lost size in my legs! i felt like i'd been putting it on as i've put on about 1.5kg so far during the pregnancy. I've started putting my waist measurement in as well, for interest to see how it increases during the pregnancy, not for losing size as it's 1) going to get a lot bigger and 2) never been a problem area for me.

Hubby's also lost some centimetres round his middle. I must have been feeding us both up too much in June or something!

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