Lactose Intolerance!

Ow. My stomach.

I've discovered that unlike most, my mild lactose intolerance has not gone away or got better during pregnancy. While i can still tolerate milk (up to a cup if it's in custard!), cheese and yogurt, and i'm ok with small amounts of pouring (single or whipping) cream.... i am very much not ok with thickened (double or heavy) cream and icecream. I used to be able to tolerate small amounts, eg a single scoop cone, without much more than a grumbly tummy. My reaction now is to a smaller amount and very severe.

I had four tablespoons of icecream tonight with a lovely ginger pudding i made, and i'm very much regretting the icecream now.


On a more cheerful note, my morning sickness appears to have gone. I took my first thyroxine tablet today and had to wait an hour after before eating. As i'd only been able to pick it up after 8:30 when the pharmacy opened it was quite late before i had my morning coffee and made breakfast, and i didn't feel ill during this time. Didn't need to have snacks every few hours today either.

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