Just for fun - old wives tales for predicting baby's gender

Just for fun, two weeks before our first scan, i've gone through and tried out some of the old wives tales for gender prediction. I don't think any of them have more than a 50% success rate. Here's the results:

Ring test (tie a ring to string and hold above your stomach. The ring will swing for all your children (so if you already have children wait for the ring to stop moving and start again). Circle for girl, side to side for boy) Mine is doing both: 50/50
Chinese Gender Predictor: girl
Mayans (mother's age at conception, and year of conception. If both are odd or even, girl - if one is odd and one even, boy): girl
Father gaining weight (sympathy weight - if yes, boy, if no, girl): girl
Nausea (a girl is said to make you more nauseous): boy
A girl steals your looks (radiant? boy. getting blemishes? girl) I have noticed a few spots lately, and i normally have very clear skin, so: girl
Dry (boy) or soft (girl) hands - mine are dryer than normal: boy
Old Wives Tales Gender Predictor: 50/50

Very inconclusive - it's in favour of a girl, but we shall find out at the 5 month scan!

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