Hospital appointment at 15 weeks

On Monday i received a letter from my backup hospital informing me they'd made an appointment for me when i'm 15 weeks. I was confused by this, as two weeks earlier i'd received a similar letter for when i'm 20 weeks, and the information sheet with it mentioned that it was my first appointment for the antenatal clinic. This letter was from the medical clinic. It didn't have an information sheet with it so i'm at a loss to think what it's for.

I rang their appointment line to see if they could decipher anything, but all they could tell me was that both appointments were definitely correct, and that they were from two different areas - the medical clinic and the antenatal clinic. I can only think it's in case i'm not seeing a GP currently - because of course they don't know that i am - and they would go over some blood tests or something like that. Possibly the maternal serum test which is done between 15-18 weeks, but is unnecessary if you've already had the NT scan, which they don't know about either. Guess i'll find out in a few weeks anyway. Be a bit of a bonus if i got a free ultrasound, but i doubt it!

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