First ultrasound booked for NT scan

I got the call from the imaging centre ready to book me in for a scan. I'd called them a few weeks ago but they hadn't yet done the rosters for August so weren't sure which days there would be a sonographer qualified for Nuchal Translucency scans rostered on. Luckily they had a centre where there was two spots available on my chosen day, so i've booked in.

They called while i was at work so i couldn't say anything to give me away, and came a little unstuck when i was asked had i had a dating scan, and since i didn't how was i sure how far along i was? I would normally have answered that my dates were based on the first day of my last menstrual period, but couldn't say that out loud at work without being overheard. I ended up trailing off lamely with, "Based on... well it's been confirmed by... based on the last time". Oh dear. They now either think i'm completely ditzy or they realised i was at work. He then told me that if the scan showed my dates were wrong, they'd simply do a dating scan and i'd have to come back in between 11 and 13.6 weeks for the NT scan. I'm certain of the dates however.

He reminded me to get my blood tests done at 10 weeks, and to tell pathology where i was having my scan so they can forward the results there. I hope this means that they will be able to calculate my risk on the day, but i'm unsure about this. He also reminded me that i would need a full bladder before the scan, which is that i need to drink a litre of water an hour before the scan. Hope they don't run late on the day or that is going to get really uncomfortable!


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