Announcing our pregnancy to family

Our plan was to wait until i was 3 months along to reduce the risk of miscarriage, and as we learned more about the NT scan we decided to wait until after the results of the scan to announce to my family.

Hubby's parents died before i met him, his biological mother is not good at keeping secrets and she is still in contact with his ex-wife, so he's decided not to tell her until after the baby is born. Long story, but his ex is not the nicest of people and we wouldn't put it past her forcing her way into the hospital while i'm giving birth to harass me, so unfortunately no-one with any contact with her will hear about our baby until after the birth. Sadly this means his children, bio mother, and half brother will have to be kept in the dark. I'm sure he will let his kids know before the ex hears, and hopefully they will understand - while they love their mother, they are young adults and they know to some degree what she can be like. And they won't have to do any babysitting unless they want to :)

My family should be easier to tell.... just have to give them the caveat that this is not a Facebook friendly pregnancy, and they must tell any family members/friends they tell this as well, and we should be able to stop any information getting to the wrong people. My sister is in the UK so the only way to tell her and my parents at the same time is to organise a Skype chat. I want to announce to my parents in person, so we'll go over to visit and call my sister from there. I've made announcement cards, am sending my sister's this week and it should be with her by middle of next week, then we'll bring Mum and Dad's to theirs and get them all to open the cards at the same time.

These are the announcement cards :)

envelope and front page

 inside top

inside bottom - sister and boyfriend on the left, mum and dad on the right

We may print out one of the scan pics to show them too :)


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