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Hospital appointment at 15 weeks

On Monday i received a letter from my backup hospital informing me they'd made an appointment for me when i'm 15 weeks. I was confused by this, as two weeks earlier i'd received a similar letter for when i'm 20 weeks, and the information sheet with it mentioned that it was my first appointment for the antenatal clinic. This letter was from the medical clinic. It didn't have an information sheet with it so i'm at a loss to think what it's for.

I rang their appointment line to see if they could decipher anything, but all they could tell me was that both appointments were definitely correct, and that they were from two different areas - the medical clinic and the antenatal clinic. I can only think it's in case i'm not seeing a GP currently - because of course they don't know that i am - and they would go over some blood tests or something like that. Possibly the maternal serum test which is done between 15-18 weeks, but is unnecessary if you've …

Announcing our pregnancy to family

Our plan was to wait until i was 3 months along to reduce the risk of miscarriage, and as we learned more about the NT scan we decided to wait until after the results of the scan to announce to my family.

Hubby's parents died before i met him, his biological mother is not good at keeping secrets and she is still in contact with his ex-wife, so he's decided not to tell her until after the baby is born. Long story, but his ex is not the nicest of people and we wouldn't put it past her forcing her way into the hospital while i'm giving birth to harass me, so unfortunately no-one with any contact with her will hear about our baby until after the birth. Sadly this means his children, bio mother, and half brother will have to be kept in the dark. I'm sure he will let his kids know before the ex hears, and hopefully they will understand - while they love their mother, they are young adults and they know to some degree what she can be like. And they won't have to do any…

NT results back....

and we're low risk!!!!

I'm so relieved.

I called the medical centre today after lunch and they said to call back after 3pm as the nurse who gives out test results was at lunch. So at 3pm i found another empty meeting room and called through. They said a client had just gone in to see her and there was another waiting, so could i call at 4pm? I explained i didn't actually have an office but was in an open plan area, and so as not to discuss test results with my workmates in earshot i had to keep finding an empty office to call from. The receptionist was sympathetic and said she'd get the nurse to call my mobile, and about 3:30 i got a call, which i took outside. The nurse said they had my blood test results, but not the results of my scan. I asked the test results anyway, but they didn't make much sense to me.

The thyroid test that i'd had done at the same time came back with a much lower TSH, normal T3, high T4 but still within normal range, which is expected now …

NT scan

We went in for our NT scan today. I asked at the counter when i could get the results, apparently they have to be sent with my blood test results to the main radiology office and it's there they work out the risk, and email the results through to my doctor. They suggested that it could be done by Tuesday, so i'll be making a call to my doc to see when she receives them.

I was asked to drink a litre of water before the scan, stopping drinking an hour before. I managed one cup of coffee (which isn't really a good idea as caffeine is a diuretic) and three glasses of water. However i'm glad i only drank that much; i had to hold my seatbelt away from my stomach as i was getting close to the centre and as we had to wait 15 minutes to be called i was no longer able to sit down but had to stand as the pressure was too painful. By the time we got into the sonographer's room i looked like i had a small balloon in the lower half of my belly!

She explained that she'd have …

Practice makes perfect - second try at apple and cinnamon cupcakes

My workmates were disappointed that the last batch of apple and cinnamon cupcakes had disappeared before i could bring them into work, so i've had a second go at baking them. All went well, i put them in paper cases this time which i think suits this mix better. They've risen very high; i suspect my oven is too hot and i'll have to try baking at 10 or 20 degrees lower than the recipe.

My new handheld Mixmaster whipped up the seven minute frosting very easily. In fact i think i could have stopped mixing at about five minutes, but i kept going for the full seven minutes. I remembered to add the vanilla this time and beat for a few more minutes off the heat until the icing had cooled enough to pipe.

Last week i found a Wilton 2D icing tip at Kitchen Warehouse and that's what i've used to ice these. Makes them look so much more professional! I'm really pleased with it. Just have to get hold of a 1M as well. Only a tiny bit of icing left over this time, i covered mo…

Nerves before NT scan

I'm nervous. I've been nervous since around week 9. I no longer have morning sickness but i do feel 'changes' around where my uterus is, as in it just feels a little odd, sometimes uncomfortable. Almost like movement down there, as though i can feel muscles stretching and organs moving (very very slowly obviously). So although my head tells me i'm most likely still pregnant and everything is progressing, i'm a little worried about getting in for the scan and the sonographer finding nothing there. I'm very aware that my first blood test did not include an HCG count, so this pregnancy is all based on the positive pregnancy test and the fact i haven't had my period since the start of June. I haven't had a repeat of the tiny blood scares from week 6 and 8 either, fingers crossed.

My other fear is one of the trisomy disorders. I'm under 35 and have no family history on either side of these disorders, but i'm overly concerned about it. I think part…

Alternative fruits for foetus size

I've been taking weekly photos of my tummy, side on, and front on while holding whichever fruit The Bump's foetus size chart says is an approximate size of our foetus. Looking ahead in the chart, I've been wondering what to do when i get to the weeks that compare the foetus' size to different varieties of melon. I don't like melon and don't want to waste one by buying it just for a photo. Hubby doesn't mind cantaloupe (rockmelon) so i can do that one as per the list.

Some ideas i've come up with are pineapple (up to 12 inches or 30 cm) for weeks 22-24, replacing a papaya. Cabbage seems to be about the same size too.

I can't find anything that is obviously honeydew or watermelon size. At the moment i can only think of finding some rather large pumpkins, and possibly a very long chinese cabbage.

ETA i've just found another few very good sources of fruit comparisons! and…

Apple and Cinnamon Cupcakes with Marshmallow Icing

This is adapted from the Snickerdoodle Cupcakes recipe on Annie's Eats. The cupcake recipe is mostly the same, except i halved the amounts and added apple, but i did choose a different marshmallow icing recipe so i didn't need to try to find corn syrup or glucose syrup which can be used instead.

Makes 12 cupcakes

For the cupcakes:
1½ cups self-raising flour
pinch salt
½ tbsp ground cinnamon
115g unsalted butter, at room temperature
⅝ cup sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
⅝ cup milk
1 apple, peeled and finely chopped

Preheat the oven to 180° C. Beat the butter and sugar in a large bowl on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Beat in the eggs one at a time, mixing well after each addition. Blend in the vanilla. With the mixer on low speed, add in the dry ingredients in three additions alternating with the milk, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients. Beat each addition just until incorporated, then mix in the apple.

Using either silicon cupcak…


MeAprilJuneAugust (10 wks pg)AimRight thigh53cm (21")54.5 (21.5")52.5cm (20.5")48cm (19")Left thigh52cm (20.5")53cm (21")52cm (20.5")48cm (19")Waist68.5cm (27")DHStomach99cm (39")99.5cm (39")97.5cm (37.5")86cm (34")
I am surprised (and pleased) that i've lost size in my legs! i felt like i'd been putting it on as i've put on about 1.5kg so far during the pregnancy. I've started putting my waist measurement in as well, for interest to see how it increases during the pregnancy, not for losing size as it's 1) going to get a lot bigger and 2) never been a problem area for me.

Hubby's also lost some centimetres round his middle. I must have been feeding us both up too much in June or something!

There's a lump in my belly button

I ran a bath for myself on Thursday night and as i was laying back in it, i happened to look down at my stomach. There was a raised band of muscle above my navel. That's weird, i thought, and poked it, as you do, to check that it was muscle. It was firm and disappeared as soon as i laid back properly and there was no stress on my stomach muscles. I was about to put it down to just one of the odd pregnancy things that you get, with your insides moving around to make room for the now grapefruit sized uterus, when i looked at my belly button as i was tensing my stomach muscles.

My navel is an innie, but flat - as in you can see the inside of the navel and it's not deep enough to collect fluff (ew!). Just where my belly piercing rests in the middle of my navel, there was what looked like a bruise, and as i tensed the skin around it puffed out slightly, and went back to normal when i released my stomach muscles. Poking around when the muscles were tensed revealed a weakness in the …

Just for fun - old wives tales for predicting baby's gender

Just for fun, two weeks before our first scan, i've gone through and tried out some of the old wives tales for gender prediction. I don't think any of them have more than a 50% success rate. Here's the results:

Ring test (tie a ring to string and hold above your stomach. The ring will swing for all your children (so if you already have children wait for the ring to stop moving and start again). Circle for girl, side to side for boy) Mine is doing both: 50/50
Chinese Gender Predictor: girl
Mayans (mother's age at conception, and year of conception. If both are odd or even, girl - if one is odd and one even, boy): girl
Father gaining weight (sympathy weight - if yes, boy, if no, girl): girl
Nausea (a girl is said to make you more nauseous): boy
A girl steals your looks (radiant? boy. getting blemishes? girl) I have noticed a few spots lately, and i normally have very clear skin, so: girl
Dry (boy) or soft (girl) hands - mine are dryer than normal: boy
Old Wives Tales Gender Pred…

Lactose Intolerance!

Ow. My stomach.

I've discovered that unlike most, my mild lactose intolerance has not gone away or got better during pregnancy. While i can still tolerate milk (up to a cup if it's in custard!), cheese and yogurt, and i'm ok with small amounts of pouring (single or whipping) cream.... i am very much not ok with thickened (double or heavy) cream and icecream. I used to be able to tolerate small amounts, eg a single scoop cone, without much more than a grumbly tummy. My reaction now is to a smaller amount and very severe.

I had four tablespoons of icecream tonight with a lovely ginger pudding i made, and i'm very much regretting the icecream now.


On a more cheerful note, my morning sickness appears to have gone. I took my first thyroxine tablet today and had to wait an hour after before eating. As i'd only been able to pick it up after 8:30 when the pharmacy opened it was quite late before i had my morning coffee and made breakfast, and i didn't feel ill during t…


My doctor called today just before i was about to leave work. She explained she'd been reading about tsh and thyroid hormone levels in pregnancy, and had even rung the specialists she knows at King Edward hospital to discuss with them, and they've told her even though my T3 and T4 levels were normal, it often happens in pregnancy that they'll drop later on. Instead of checking my levels every 4 weeks and reacting after a possible drop, they have suggested that i go on a low dose of Thyroxine (synthetic thyroid hormone) immediately to try to get my tsh levels down to 1-2 and prevent my free T3 and T4 from dropping below the normal range. I'll still be monitored every 4 weeks to check levels.

She's not in tomorrow but will get one of the other doctors to write me a prescription which i can pick up from the receptionists in the afternoon. They're starting me on 50mcg which she explained is a standard low starting dose.

She also warned me that i may not be accepted i…

First ultrasound booked for NT scan

I got the call from the imaging centre ready to book me in for a scan. I'd called them a few weeks ago but they hadn't yet done the rosters for August so weren't sure which days there would be a sonographer qualified for Nuchal Translucency scans rostered on. Luckily they had a centre where there was two spots available on my chosen day, so i've booked in.

They called while i was at work so i couldn't say anything to give me away, and came a little unstuck when i was asked had i had a dating scan, and since i didn't how was i sure how far along i was? I would normally have answered that my dates were based on the first day of my last menstrual period, but couldn't say that out loud at work without being overheard. I ended up trailing off lamely with, "Based on... well it's been confirmed by... based on the last time". Oh dear. They now either think i'm completely ditzy or they realised i was at work. He then told me that if the scan showed …