Thyroid tests ordered

Went to the doctor to discuss the tsh results and had a very quick consult, with the result that she called the lab and since it was within 7 days of the last test, they still had my bloods there and so she ordered T3, T4 and thyroid antibodies to be run on it. I've booked in for next week to discuss the results of that, and she suggested that i book with one of the doctors there who do antenatal appointments. I had thought a general practitioner had general knowledge in everything, but obviously they class pregnancy as something a bit different.

She printed out a copy of my bloodwork for me. The tests they did were FBC, Ferretin, TSH, HIV, HepB Serology, HEPC, Blood Group, Antibodies, MSU, Rubella IgG, TPHA. FBC is full blood count, Ferretin is iron levels, TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone, Antibodies are to test if your blood carries an antibody that can attack foreign red blood cells - it's usually associated with blood transfusions that hadn't been matched to your blood type or some medical conditions, and TPHA appeared to refer to syphilis.

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