I'm five weeks pregnant!

Tested this morning with an internet cheapy, and the first 'pregnant' pink line came up immediately and very strongly. I feel very lucky as this was only our second month trying, and i'm well aware of the statistics of conceiving for first time mothers over the age of thirty. Fingers crossed that this one is healthy and sticky.

Our embryo is approximately the size of an apple seed this week, according to The Bump. Last week it was the size of a poppy seed. I quite like the idea of comparing it to a fruit or vegetable; it puts the size much more into perspective that just a measurement would.

I'm re-reading forum posts to see what i have to do next; i think a visit to a doctor is in order to confirm the pregnancy and refer me for the 10 week blood test and 12 week ultrasound, to check for abnormalities.

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