About two weeks ago, i found the tiniest bit of old (brown) blood on my underwear, nothing on the toilet paper. It scared me a little and immediately i went off to search Dr Google to see what was going on. I learned that although it's common (1 in 3 women experience bleeding) it's not considered 'normal' and a lot of the advice was to go visit a doctor. I kept an eye on it the rest of the day and there was no more blood.

Until today. This morning i found brown blood mixed into the normal CM on the toilet paper. It was just on that toilet visit only as i monitored it for the rest of the day. It followed some mild cramping the day before, and i have a suspicion that it's due to my uterus expanding to fit the ever-growing embryo. At least i hope - there's also the risk i could have a missed miscarriage, but there's no way of knowing that until either my bloods at 10 weeks or my ultrasound at 12. I just have to try not to worry about it until then.

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