First doctors visit

On Tuesday i booked in to the doctors for my first checkup and reference for the 12 week ultrasound. She asked me for the date of my last menstrual period first, worked out the due date, queried me about my knowledge of listeria etc, asked when my last pap smear was, and asked what obstetrician i was going with (already! Although i'd already decided, i didn't think they'd expect a decision this early)

I have chosen to apply for a midwife programme which will allow me to birth at home in water, assuming all goes well during the pregnancy, and if not they'll accompany you to hospital, and stay there acting on your behalf. She wasn't overly impressed with that, and asked why i didn't want to birth in a hospital. I told her they make me nervous. She then queried about the programme and i told her how they will only take on normal pregnancies, and if there's any issues during the birth that require more intervention they can give at home, they will take you to hospital, and listed a few of the factors that class you as having a normal pregnancy. She seemed then to be, while not happy, satisfied that i had done some research into it, and then wrote up the list of what pathology was to test for in my blood test, told me to book in to the doctors again for another blood test at week 10 and gave me a sheet listing the places i could have the Nuchal Translucency scan.

The blood test had a huge list. From memory it was fsh, HIV, HepB, HepC, antibodies, rubella, blood group, fer, and tsh. There was probably a few more i missed. Pathology took 3 vials of blood and a urine sample. The pathologist was very friendly and chatty, congratulated me on the pregnancy and chatted about morning sickness (mine is very mild, hers was very bad and she had to stop work) while she was taking blood (painlessly too!)

I haven't received a call saying the results are back yet. I'll give them a call Monday to see if they're in. Tomorrow i'll call up the imaging place and see if i can book in for a Saturday so hubby can see the scan with me and neither of us have to take time off work.

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