Announcing that we're pregnant - to my husband

Before we started trying, i had asked my hubby how he wanted to be told if we were lucky enough to conceive. He said to bring him a beer and the pregnancy test.

I think he'd forgotten about the conversation by the time we did conceive and i tested. He had been asking nearly every day if Aunt Flo had arrived, from about 3 and a half weeks, but i kept telling him i'd let him know straight away if she did, so after a week or so he was only asking every few days. Luckily on the day i tested, he didn't ask. So when he arrived home and had sat down, i asked if he'd like a glass of wine (we were out of beer). He did like one, so i brought him one and after he'd taken the glass from me, i got the test out of my pocket and held it in front of him. He took it from me, stared at it puzzled then realised what it was and choked on his wine! Made me giggle. "Is this...?" he said, then broke into a big grin as i confirmed that yes, we'd done it :)

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