Menstrual Cups

I've read about menstrual cups, such as the Diva Cup or Mooncup, for quite a few years now, and was always interested in getting one but they aren't (or weren't) readily available in Australia, unless you buy them online. I read about them again in a baby forum in the Trying to Conceive section, where someone suggested using a Diva Cup right after baby dancing. I don't think they would help much as they're designed to be worn away from the cervix, but in any case it triggered me to start researching them again.

Cups are worn instead of tampons or pads; they can be left in for up to 12 hours and can be worn at night. They also last for about 10 years. Once you get the hang of using them (remember back to when you first tried to insert a tampon?) they should not leak or feel uncomfortable, and you can swim, exercise etc with them in.

I googled both Diva and Mooncup and decided on the Mooncup as it was UK made, and they have a website where they ship worldwide for only £5.95. The cup itself costs £19.99. This is about AUD$40 with our Aussie dollar being strong at the moment. However, i was hesitating - they automatically recommended size B (the larger size) for women over 30 or women of any age who've given birth. I would have chosen the smaller size if it were not for the age requirement. I won't go into the size reasoning (to be delicate!) other than to say based only on my light flow i would have thought the smaller cup to be more than adequate even after 12 hours use.

While i was deciding, i did some more Googling. (I love Google!) I came across this fantastic site,, where the blogger has tried what looks like most cups on the market today and written some very indepth reviews of them all, and even several comparison charts - this one which lists composition, time in the market, width, length, and price: and this one which lists her ratings on her experience with the different cups:

I read through her ratings first and saw that the Mooncup was down at the lower end of her favourites. I then went to the main page and found the cup size comparison chart, and noticed that the Fleurcup was quite cheap (€19.99) and was her second highest rated cup, so i visited their website. I was immediately taken by the black cup - love the colour! They have a helpful Questions and Answers section, so i read through it. Midway down the page they say this about sizing: "The choice of size is above all based on the flow level." At the top of that page they did say the small one was suitable for young ladies and for light flow periods. I'm not considered a young lady anymore at 33, but i decided to go with the small based on flow level. And, for a bonus - the black was on special for €14.99! I also bought the satin bag (€1.99) to go with it. Total cost including €3.99 postage was €20.97, or about AUD$30, payable through PayPal. They post only on Tuesdays, so i'll be looking out for it Tuesday week (post from Europe usually takes a week to get to Perth).

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