Lime macarons

My fifth go at making macarons; these ones are lime flavoured. I've used my usual recipe and added 6 drops of yellow and 6 of green food colouring to make the shells a pale lime green colour. They looked good when piped but have turned into a bit of a disaster now for three reasons: it's too damp for them to dry (they were still wet after an hour), my colouring is liquid colouring which is not ideal as it changes the consistency of the macarons and makes them spread, and i piped them too close together (as usual). Two rows on one tray almost merged all together. I got fed up with them and tried to use a spoon to separate them, and put them in a warm oven with the heat off. That just made them run further. I then turned the fan on, and that's done the trick; the tops are now dry. I've had another go at separating them with a spoon, so half the batch are quite messy looking now. I think i'll go with powdered colour next time if i can get hold of any.

I found this site while i was searching for how to dry macarons. It's very helpful on understanding how different ovens affect your baking.

I now have the right amount of ganache (after the alteration i made last time, ie doubling the original recipe's amount). I added a tablespoon of lime juice, but i think i needed two as it's very faint.

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