TTC Cycle 1 - halfway through

I'm fairly sure i ovulated on day 16 this cycle - it was a little hard to tell as i didn't get full ferning covering the entire microscope like last month. Instead i had three days where there was a mix of little ferns and a section that was covered in full ferns. So i took the middle day as ovulation day.

This means it happened two days later than my last cycle, so i'm expecting a 34 day cycle this time around with AF (Aunt Flo - menstrual period) arriving late on day 35. This is based on my luteal phase last month being 19 days long. My 'two week wait' seems to be more of a 'almost three week wait'!

We DTD (did the deed) up until two days before ovulation, as suggested for swaying for a girl. Hopefully this will result in a pregnancy within a few months - if not we'll give up on the swaying and go for a baby of any sex.

TTC Cycle 1 CD22 DPO6

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