Ovulation chart

This is what my second cycle off the pill's ovulation chart looked like, using only an ovulation microscope.

CD12345678910111213 14

Much better looking than my first cycle off the pill, which was 30 days worth of dashes. As you can see though, the four days of expected transition patterns on the microscope sort of extended themselves to ten days on and off. I expect this is my body still getting used to what it should be doing.

I've no idea what's going on with my luteal phase though. It's being ridiculously long and had me worried enough that we'd fallen a month early that i took a pregnancy test on day 33, but it was negative. Thank goodness for that, as i'm still drinking and eating soft cheeses etc. Just waiting for AF to turn up now.

Edit - finally AF shows up late on day 33. I'll take this as day 1 of my next cycle.

TTC Cycle 1 CD1

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