Vanilla and chocolate macarons

Had my fourth go at making macarons. Not quite perfect but getting better each time! My problem this time was that it is a very humid day; usually we have a dry heat. Although i left the macarons out for around 40 minutes to dry, they still were wet on top, but i decided to bake them anyway. This resulted in some of them cracking on the top.

I also found that the tray on the top of the oven was cooked perfectly (i baked for 8 minutes, then rotated all the trays and baked for another 8 minutes). It was on the top, then bottom shelf. The other two i rotated upwards and they had sticky middles, some of the macarons left their tummies behind when i tried to peel them off the paper.

But, on the whole, they were an improvement :)

Macarons freshly piped. I overmixed very slightly, a few of them ran into one another.


Filled with chocolate ganache. I ran out of ganache after i'd filled 2/3 of the macarons, so made a quick lemon icing. I prefer the ganache filled ones, but the lemon are still nice.

I am still using the Gourmet Traveller recipe, but modified it slightly for this flavour. I've adjusted the ganache recipe so it makes enough to fill all the biscuits.

Vanilla and Chocolate Macarons

Makes 35
Cooking Time Prep time 20 mins, cook 15 mins (plus resting)

130 gm pure icing sugar
110 gm almond meal
105 gm eggwhite (about 2 large, or up to 4 small), at room temperature, left out overnight
65 gm caster sugar
2 tsp vanilla essence

Chocolate ganache
105 ml pouring cream
210 gm milk chocolate

I followed the instructions as per the link, but preheated the oven at 200 and dropped it to 140 before i put the trays in. I don't think it added much, won't bother doing it next time.

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