TTC brought forward

I've been scaring myself with statistics of women over 30 trying for their first baby, and how long it takes them to conceive. Apparently early to mid twenties is the most fertile time for women, and it decreases as they get older with a large drop after age 35. For my age the probably of getting pregnant on any one cycle is between 15% to 18% (depending which website you read).

One website says 50% of couples get pregnant within 4-5 months of trying. This is obviously higher for the more fertile age group, and lower for the less fertile (eg older). Not sure of the actual percentages and times for age groups, doesn't seem to be any easily available information about it. If i work it out with a quick estimation based on the 15%-18% stats, then it means 30% to 45% of couples 30-34 will be pregnant within 5 months.

With those stats in mind, we've decided to bring our TTC journey forward a month, to start next month. We'd really like a baby born in the first half of the year, as due to the cut-off dates for school if we have a child in July then that's a whole extra year of child care we have to pay for, which is not cheap. I can think of much better ways to use that money! If we conceive in May, then (assuming all goes well) bub would be due February, all the way up to September which would mean bub would be due June. Probably we'd keep trying after then if we were still not lucky, possibly after visiting the doctor to make sure everything's at the right level and working as it should.

Ovulation looked good on the Maybe Baby this month, hopefully it stays regular next month too, and we'll be in with as much of a chance as possible :)

WTT Cycle 2 CD 20 DPO 6

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