Setting a goal for size loss - first measurements

DH and i have decided we want to trim some extra inches off certain body parts - for him, it's his stomach; me, my thighs. Neither of us are overweight; my BMI is 19.5 which is on the lower end of the normal range, but i still find my jeans are comfortable everywhere except the thighs so i'd like to fit into them better.

Measurements - Me                   Aim
Right thigh - 53cm (21')            48cm (19')
Left thigh - 52cm (20.5')           48cm (19')

Stomach - 99cm (39')                86cm (34')

I'm not sure about how we're going to shift the fat from our problem areas though. I'm going to start with targeted exercises for the thighs and bum and stretches, so as not to bulk up the area. And restricting the amount of sweet or fatty foods we eat won't go astray either!

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