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The Royal Wedding

What a gorgeous wedding! I watched four hours of the telecast until they finished after the balcony kisses and flyover. Loved looking at the fashion, especially the hats! I thought Kate's dress was a perfect choice for such a formal occasion, she seemed to have chosen a modern yet classic style that wouldn't date easily. The train was beautiful. And the two boys looked fantastic in their military regalia!

I was very impressed when i read that Kate did her own makeup for the big day. She looked completely flawless.

Setting a goal for size loss - first measurements

DH and i have decided we want to trim some extra inches off certain body parts - for him, it's his stomach; me, my thighs. Neither of us are overweight; my BMI is 19.5 which is on the lower end of the normal range, but i still find my jeans are comfortable everywhere except the thighs so i'd like to fit into them better.

Measurements - Me                   Aim
Right thigh - 53cm (21')            48cm (19')
Left thigh - 52cm (20.5')           48cm (19')

Stomach - 99cm (39')                86cm (34')

I'm not sure about how we're going to shift the fat from our problem areas though. I'm going to start with targeted exercises for the thighs and bum and stretches, so as not to bulk up the area. And restricting the amount of sweet or fatty foods we eat won't go astray either!

Vanilla and chocolate macarons

Had my fourth go at making macarons. Not quite perfect but getting better each time! My problem this time was that it is a very humid day; usually we have a dry heat. Although i left the macarons out for around 40 minutes to dry, they still were wet on top, but i decided to bake them anyway. This resulted in some of them cracking on the top.

I also found that the tray on the top of the oven was cooked perfectly (i baked for 8 minutes, then rotated all the trays and baked for another 8 minutes). It was on the top, then bottom shelf. The other two i rotated upwards and they had sticky middles, some of the macarons left their tummies behind when i tried to peel them off the paper.

But, on the whole, they were an improvement :)

Macarons freshly piped. I overmixed very slightly, a few of them ran into one another.


Filled with chocolate ganache. I ran out of ganache after i'd filled 2/3 of the macarons, so made a quick lemon icing. I prefer the ganache filled ones, but the lemon are…

Ferns after ovulation

My ovulation charting was going along perfectly until 4 days after ovulation, when it was supposed to revert from the transitional stage (small ferns and pebbles) to pebbles only. I'm now 10 days past ovulation and it's still doing the tiny ferns and pebbles thing. I've googled "ferning after ovulation" and it seems to be fairly common, and it's only full ferning after ovulation that could indicate pregnancy. Or a high oestrogen cycle.

WTT Cycle 2 CD24 DPO10

TTC brought forward

I've been scaring myself with statistics of women over 30 trying for their first baby, and how long it takes them to conceive. Apparently early to mid twenties is the most fertile time for women, and it decreases as they get older with a large drop after age 35. For my age the probably of getting pregnant on any one cycle is between 15% to 18% (depending which website you read).

One website says 50% of couples get pregnant within 4-5 months of trying. This is obviously higher for the more fertile age group, and lower for the less fertile (eg older). Not sure of the actual percentages and times for age groups, doesn't seem to be any easily available information about it. If i work it out with a quick estimation based on the 15%-18% stats, then it means 30% to 45% of couples 30-34 will be pregnant within 5 months.

With those stats in mind, we've decided to bring our TTC journey forward a month, to start next month. We'd really like a baby born in the first half of the ye…

Ovulation! I think...

After four days of transition patterns on my ovulation microscope, i have full ferning indicating ovulation is about to occur! Tomorrow's pattern should also be full ferns i think (according to the sample chart there's two days of full ferns) and then back to pebbles and ferns for another two to three days. Aunt Flo should be due in about 14 days from today or tomorrow.

This is all quite new to me, i've never paid much attention to my cycle before, just hoped it wouldn't come at a bad time, and it was fairly regular, give or take a day or two. I've tried my whole life NOT to fall pregnant so it's strange now preparing to do the opposite, trying to figure out what day i ovulate and whether O has actually occurred or not.


Transition - ferns and pebbles

This is what the transitional stage looks like in my Maybe Baby - lots of pebbles and a few small ferns.

The ferns are kinda hard to make out. I do find myself repeating the test several times on transition days, just to make sure there really are ferns there and it's not due to contamination.