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A new start

My first cycle off the pill finished today, 30 days long. According to my Maybe Baby, i didn't ovulate. I actually thought i was about to O tomorrow, as i had started getting a few ferns over the last few days, but according to the Maybe Baby website that often happens around period time. Mine were only tiny little ferns though, the site shows full ferns.

So, cycle 2 Cycle Day 1 today and a new start. Fingers crossed for O this time.

Waiting to try Cycle 2 CD1

Plain macarons with buttercream icing

I'm getting there slowly. This is my third batch of macarons and they turned out perfectly... on the top tray at least. The bottom tray all had their feet burnt, which i couldn't see until i took them out of the oven. Next time i might try putting an empty tray below the macarons to protect them from the direct heat of the elements.

A lot of my circles are bigger than the suggested three centimetres, and tend to run into one another while they're drying. May have to trace some rough measurements onto the baking paper to act as guides :)

The brown speckling of the macaron is because i used whole almond meal... i prefer almond meal without the skins as it gives a smoother texture in the biscuit.

Second try at macarons - chocolate with milk chocolate and passionfruit ganache

This time i overcompensated for overmixing my first batch, and undermixed. They barely spread at all on the tray.

I should have put the mixture back in the bowl and folded for longer after i'd piped the first few and realised. They still tasted nice though.

I don't think i'll make this flavour again - it was nice, but i prefer my chocolate and my passionfruit separate. In the mix of flavours, the sharpness of the passionfruit and the creaminess of the chocolate seemed to nullify each other, and these are the parts i enjoy about each.

Now for a third try!