Bad flatmates

She's moved out! Yay!!

I asked her this morning if she was still planning on moving out early March, and told her it was because i have someone else booked to take the room. She then told me she was planning on checking at the youth hostel if they had a room, as she wanted more company during the day (my other flattie and i both work). I doubt this was really the reason, as i made it pretty clear i was pissed off at the damage she was causing.

I took the precaution of printing out a bond return form, and lucky i did as when i arrived home i found her in the process of moving out! Usually i ask for two weeks notice, but this time i was so glad to get her out i didn't enforce the rule. Happily i'd got a quote for the carpet before work and was able to give that to her. To her credit, before i'd even mentioned it she said that she'd damaged the carpet and i could take it out of the bond. So all worked out ok, although i still have to take time off work to get the new carpet done, but she's out.

She forgot her veggies though. Scary picture below - these were once capsicums.

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