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White chocolate and raspberry macarons

I came across a photo on Google images of macarons; two sitting in a tower behind a vietnamese coffee. They looked so yummy i decided i had to make some this weekend. Luckily i'd seen the recipe on Saturday, as it call for the egg whites to be left out overnight, so i was able to do that and make the macarons up on Sunday morning.

I went with a recipe i found on Gourmet Traveller, an Australian foodie site. Here it is; but i'll reproduce it below as well for simplicity. I followed it as exactly as i could, except i didn't read that i was supposed to keep 20g of the eggwhites back until the end.

Macarons with white chocolate and raspberry ganache

Serves 40
Cooking Time Prep time 20 mins, cook 15 mins (plus resting)

130 gm pure icing sugar
110 gm almond meal
105 gm eggwhite (about 2), at room temperature, left out overnight
65 gm caster sugar
4-5 drops rose food colouring

White chocolate and raspberry ganache
50 ml pouring cream
100 gm white chocolate
45 gm raspberries, coarsely chopped

Maybe Baby - low oestrogen photo (pebbling)

Yesterday was my last day on the pill. My period is due in two days which is when i'll start charting, but i did a test of the Maybe Baby fertility microscope this morning, and managed to get a photo of it. This is what the low oestrogen phase (or pebbling) looks like:

Hopefully i'll ovulate this month and will take a photo of the transitional stage (pebbles and ferns) and the fertile stage (full ferning), however it may take a few months for my body to get back into the swing of things and start ovulating again.

Bad flatmates

She's moved out! Yay!!

I asked her this morning if she was still planning on moving out early March, and told her it was because i have someone else booked to take the room. She then told me she was planning on checking at the youth hostel if they had a room, as she wanted more company during the day (my other flattie and i both work). I doubt this was really the reason, as i made it pretty clear i was pissed off at the damage she was causing.

I took the precaution of printing out a bond return form, and lucky i did as when i arrived home i found her in the process of moving out! Usually i ask for two weeks notice, but this time i was so glad to get her out i didn't enforce the rule. Happily i'd got a quote for the carpet before work and was able to give that to her. To her credit, before i'd even mentioned it she said that she'd damaged the carpet and i could take it out of the bond. So all worked out ok, although i still have to take time off work to get the new ca…

The Worst Flatmates

I've had some pretty bad ones in my time. I've been sharing accommodation since i was in my uni days, and still do it now to help me pay the mortgage. I think though, the time has come to get rid of them, and find another way to raise that extra money.

It all started with a very scary psychotic guy last year. Hubby interviewed him and agreed he could move in, said he seemed to be a quiet guy who worked long hours as a decorator and had recently quit smoking. Neither of us smoke and don't want smokers in our house, so we always state that we want non-smokers when looking for new housemates. I met him the next day when he moved in, and the first thing i noticed about him was he stunk. Of nicotine. Perhaps it's the patches, i hoped. He wouldn't look me in the eye when i shook his hand, which is something i don't like - if a person doesn't meet my eye or does the opposite, stares too hard with a fixed gaze, it indicates they're hiding something. This guy was…

Maybe Baby

I've been on the pill for many years and can't really remember how long my cycle is. To check when i start ovulating again, and moreso to time ovulation so we can hopefully influence the gender of the baby, i've bought a Maybe Baby ovulation microscope. These beauties retail at $80, but i bought mine secondhand for $20. The mum who sold it to me said they were fairly easy to use, you just had to put the right amount of saliva on the slide and let it dry for 10 minutes. I had a go at it when i first brought it home, and got pebbles (as expected), which indicates i wasn't ovulating. I applied the saliva with a fingertip and that seemed to be the right amount, not too much. 
According to their website, if you TTC 2-3 days before you ovulate (so when you see the transitional stage of small ferns and pebbles on the microscope) it increases your chances of conceiving a girl.
This month will be my last month on the pill, then i'll start charting ovulation for three month…

Life, Love and Adventures

My husband and i have decided that we want to have a baby together.

Pretty exciting stuff, but a bit scary at the same time. Ideally, i'd like two children fairly close together in age, and one of each sex. My siblings and i have an age gap of 4 1/2 to 5 years between us all and i found that it's too big a gap to form lasting solid friendships. Of course my sister and i (closest in age) have a great relationship and get along well, but we've never been close, even as adults. I'd like my children to be able to have a close relation with their sibling. Hubby is happy with two (although he jokes about more!) and would like a girl first.
This blog is an account of our lives together, trying for and hopefully achieving our wish to have kids, travelling, and doing all this while trying to pay off our mortages as fast as possible, so we're on a pretty tight budget.