New Year, new you?

I posted previously about going to a women's physio to deal with my stomach gap after pregnancy. We had some moderate success in closing my diastasis recti, in fact we got my navel gap down to about 3 fingers and moderately deep. She gave me exercises every visit and I am still continuing with them, plus I started on the Mutu system which is when we really saw a difference in my passive measurement vs my active measurement.

But, as usual, life was busy and exercises became less of a priority. This year, I'm making them a priority. This year, I will be able to go to the beach in a bikini.

So, to keep track of my exercises, here goes: a weekly chart to mark them off.

Jan 1-6MTuWThFSaSuPhysio exercises (x2pd)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXMutu Core 2 (x2pd)XXXXXXXXXXXMutu Intensive (x4)X
I will post my 'before' photo too... taken at the start of Mutu a few months ago. I'm up to week 4 now (although I really think they should be called stages. I cannot progress beyond week 4 until I …

Muffin Break Black Forest Velvet muffins

Last year, when I was still pregnant with my little girl, I took the boys grocery shopping and decided to give my feet a rest, sit down for a bit and eat a muffin. The boys aren't always that fond of baked goods, but I can usually get a few minutes of peace while they decide they don't like the food.

We stopped at Muffin Break for a coffee and they had a new limited edition muffin, Black Forest Velvet. Now, I like red velvet and I love black forest so this seemed like a winning combo. It sure was. I gave the boys a taste and that was it - little mouths were open clamouring for the next piece, one after the other, and I had to quickly pop the final third into my mouth so I could actually taste it myself!

So I was delighted when Muffin Break released a calendar this year which has the recipe. Black Forest Velvet all year round!

Black Forest Velvet Muffins40 mins
Makes 12 Texas size or 20 regular muffins


1/2 cup (115 g) butter, softened
1 cup caster sugar
2 eggs
1 …

Toilet training - regression

Ah, nothing like the fun of thinking your toddler is now out of nappies for good (daytime anyway) ... until the regression hits.

We're now in it. He's gone from taking himself to the toilet, and saying yes or no when you ask if he needs to go (if he hasn't been for a while, not being pushy), to leaving huge puddles on the floor. Sometimes several minutes after I've asked him if he needs to go and him saying No.

I'm so sick of washing dirty items today. We had a dirty night nappy this morning (really unusual), which took about 5 rinses in the machine before I would put the rest of the wet stuff in. Bub had a nappy blowout which went all through her clothes and on her bouncer so I had to wash the cover. Then G jumped into her bouncer while DH was watching him, while I was changing bub and before I'd taken the cover off, so his fresh clothes that he'd had on 5 minutes after the last accident had to be changed again and put in the machine. And no sooner had the…

Toilet training - week 4

We're now into the part of toilet training that is the longest, but easier than the first few weeks - where the child practices their new found skill. We have some days with no accidents and some with several (particularly in the afternoon and if he's refused to nap that day). We've had a #2 accident, but many more successes. The most important skill he's learnt - he's pretty much taking himself to the toilet now when he needs to go rather than me needing to ask.

So I probably won't update now for a few months. By then, accidents should be fairly unusual and hopefully he'll be learning to wipe successfully. From experience though that can take years.

Toilet training - week 3

Day 1, he was overdue for a #2. He had a wee accident in the afternoon and I took him to the toilet, asking him to see if there was any more to do while I cleaned up. There was a tiny #2 in the bowl so he got praise and chocolate and I made a big fuss about how poo in toilet got 2 chocolates. After I put the boys to bed I was downstairs feeding the baby and he called out from upstairs, "Mummy! Poo!" so I assumed he'd done it in his nappy and took my time going up. Unlatched bub, took G from his room telling him to go to his mat and reminding him that poo in nappy was yuck and it belonged in the toilet, to which he agreed. Well, I got shown!

Nappy was clean, so I asked him to sit on the toilet. No wee, he exclaimed after 2 seconds and got off so I put him back on and asked him to try a bit longer for a poo. Gave him a book to read... and success! Bub and I were sitting on the rug just out of sight so he wasn't pressured with an audience but could still see my legs. So…

Toilet training week 2

We've had a better week this week. I did timing for most of the week, that is taking him on waking and before sleep, plus 3 hours after the last visit. We had no successes with #2 but very few accidents with #1.

On Thursday I stopped taking him at the 3 hour mark; instead I just asked if he needed to go. Also asked if he was showing any signs of needing to. He did very well with this and is reliably saying yes when he does need to go.

Strangely enough he's had a wet nappy overnight more often than last week. Has stayed dry during his nap.

Steps learned - he can hold his urine, during the day and sometimes during sleep.
    - he can hold until he can get to the toilet (just the time required for a short run to the toilet and taking clothes off)
    - he is learning when he needs to go for #1 (he calls 'Ow! Hurt" and I ask if he needs to go, he replies with yes. He doesn't yet just take himself there each time)

Next steps to reach - he needs to learn when he needs t…

Birth story - baby #3

I had never been pregnant for this long before. I’d always gone past 40 weeks, but never 41 and yet there it was staring me in the face. I had made my next appointment with my midwife for 40+6, laughing as I told her I didn’t expect to still be pregnant at that point… but there I was. My previous pregnancies had had warning signs of the impending labour several days before, but I had had no signs yet of anything happening. On the morning I reached 41 weeks, I messaged my midwife and birth photographer to let them know nothing was happening yet. It will come, my midwife messaged back reassuringly, unconcerned.

She was right. That night after I went to bed, there was a sudden sharp pain, I rolled over and realised my waters had broken.
I was not having any contractions so texted my midwife to let her know and tried to sleep. My last labour (first VBAC) had gone for nearly a full day so I wanted to get as much rest as possible. After an hour, I started getting discomfort across my stomac…