Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Toilet training a toddler - part 2

Continued on from part 1...

Toilet training during naps:

Our first attempt at this resulted in him staying dry during the nap, but when he woke he sat up and wet his pants before calling out for us. We have a great waterproof bamboo mattress protector under his sheets, so it was just a matter of throwing it all in to the washing machine (and the protector into the dryer once washed, as we only have one). Not a big hassle.

The next day he stayed dry, although i think he woke from his nap with a nightmare as he only slept for an hour and woke crying and calling for me. I raced him to the toilet but he actually didn't need to go. Daycare are putting him in a nappy for his naps, but they say he mostly wakes dry.

I'm finding it easier to put him in a nappy for naps at home though, as he's often reluctant to go to sleep, and it's while he's calling out for me and pottering around his room playing that we get the accidents.

Update on toilet training:

It's been 4 weeks now since we first started. He did super well at first, with only one or two accidents a week, but seems to have regressed slightly. He holds for around 2 hours before he'll agree he needs to go (i usually ask about every half hour), but we're on about 2-3 accidents a day. His better days are when he naps for two hours. Usually it's only wet undies, as though he's started then realised, and is able to stop, but there was one day last week he wet through 5 pairs of undies and 3 sets of trackie pants. He won't always tell me if they're wet, but at home he'll call out, "Wee," and i ask if he needs the loo, and he'll say yes, and that's usually when i've found they're slightly wet. I think that's his way of telling me. He used to say, "Uh oh, wet!" which was a lot clearer. He can actually get on the toilet at home now as we bought him a ladder with attached seat, but seems to insist on Mummy pulling his pants down, "Mummy turn!" which i think is increasing the likelihood of an accident by his need to wait for me (this evening i was upstairs changing sheets when he called out, and although i went downstairs straight away i think it was too late).

Naps are in a nappy and i find mostly it's dry. He's also getting a drier nappy at night, although some nights they're soaking. Not nearly ready for night training yet. I think not until he's fully day trained and nappies are consistently dry at night. Don't fancy changing sheets in the middle of the night, especially with lack of sleep from a newborn.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Week 32

Week 32 pregnant belly side view

Week 32 pregnant belly side viewWeek 32 pregnant belly front view


How far along: 32 weeks.

How big is baby: a large jicama (had to look this one up, it's a Mexican yam. We don't get these in Australia to my knowledge).

What is baby doing this week: Your baby now weighs about 1.7kg and is around 42cm long from head to toe. Although his lungs won't be fully developed until just before birth, your little one is busy inhaling amniotic fluid to exercise his lungs. From 32 weeks, babies born early have good chance of surviving and thriving. His skin is becoming soft and smooth as he plumps up in preparation for birth.

Some babies have a head of hair already, others have only a few wisps. Thick hair at birth doesn't necessarily mean thick hair later on. But children with fine hair in childhood also tend to have fine hair when they've grown up.

If your baby is a boy, his testicles should have descended from his abdomen into his scrotum. Sometimes, however, one or both testicles won't move into position until after birth. In two thirds of all baby boys who have undescended testicles at birth, the condition corrects itself by their first birthday.

You're probably gaining 450g a week, largely because your baby is likely to gain more than half his birthweight during the seven weeks before birth. Make sure you are eating well in these last few weeks.


Total weight gain: 56.3kg, 900g more than last week and 9.5kg since the start of pregnancy. Ouch.

Maternity clothes: Pretty much all maternity or very stretchy clothes, although my stretchy shirts are getting too short.

Sleep: Bedtimes have been fairly good this week. Hubby is away so i'm doing all the toddler wrangling myself, and it's exhausting. I'm surprised at how tired i am, as i usually do most of the watching myself anyway, but hubby does take him out for a few hours by themselves each weekend and that obviously really helps.

Best moment of the week: 

Food cravings/aversions: None.


Nausea: None.

Fatigue: Taking Ferro Grad-C every weekday. Very tired though trying to keep up with an energetic toddler without letting the house fall into a complete shambles.


Movement: I think he's head down, because the strong movements are up in my ribs. I can now feel sweeping and pushing movements down low, i think my placenta has moved up far enough for me to feel his hands. He's still able to flip easily, i think he was breech on Wednesday as the movements were strongest down low, and he then moved to transverse after an hour and a half spent in the car. I laid on the floor at work and felt around to see if i could figure out which end was the head (the other end kicks!) and tried to encourage his head downwards with one hand. Then i did my dip the hip exercise and did several laps around our pods. A little while after that the kicks were back up in my ribs :) It also felt like he'd changed to have his back on the left (a more ideal starting position in labour). He stayed there for a day and a half, but turned his back to the right again after the second night.

This is just me guessing though, mostly from his movements. I'm not skilled enough to really palpate properly. Will find out for sure on Monday at my midwife appointment.

Gender: Boy.

What i'm looking forward to: Hubby's return.

What i miss: My energy! I'm taking iron tablets so i don't think i am anaemic any longer, but i'm tired trying to take care of a toddler, eat dinner and do the cleaning in the five hours i have after i get home from work.

Next appt: 29 September.

What else i've done this week: 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Week 31

Week 31 pregnant belly side view

Week 31 pregnant belly side viewWeek 31 pregnant belly front view


How far along: 31 weeks.

How big is baby: Four navel oranges (i think they're running out of fruit comparisons!).

What is baby doing this week: Your baby weighs about 1.5kg and looks more than ever like a newborn. He measures about 41cm from crown to toe. His arms, legs and body continue to fill out – and they are finally proportional in size to his head.

Up until now, your baby's movements have been gradually increasing. But from now until the end of your pregnancy, the movements will probably plateau. This doesn't mean that they should slow down, but you may notice that the type of movements your baby makes change. As long as you can feel him squirming and kicking, you'll know he's just fine. Believe it or not, he still has plenty of growing to do. You can expect him to gain at least 900g before birth.

Your baby's organs are continuing to mature and he is passing water from his bladder, which is good practice for the weeing he'll do after he's born. Also, the marrow in his bones has taken over from his liver the job of producing red blood cells.

You've probably gained weight this month, somewhere between 1.3kg and 1.8kg. Gaining 450g a week is quite normal during the last trimester as your baby has a final growth spurt before he arrives in the world.


Total weight gain: 54.8kg, 600g less than last week and 8.0kg since the start of pregnancy.

Maternity clothes: Pretty much all maternity or very stretchy clothes.

Sleep: Need to keep trying for earlier.

Best moment of the week: We had our last family-of-three photoshoot with my maternity/newborn photographer in a field of long grasses and purple flowers. Was a lot of fun and looking forward to the sneak peek when she gets back from holidays.

Food cravings/aversions: None.


Nausea: None.

Fatigue: Taking Ferro Grad-C every weekday.

Other: My chiro didn't need to adjust my pelvis this week! She was very pleased and wanted to know what i'd done differently. The only thing i could think of was the 'dip the hip' exercise from Spinning Babies.

Movement: Baby was transverse when my midwife examined him on Monday (my 30 week appointment). She felt around for a bit, because there was also something presenting in my pelvis - she thought that may be a shoulder. She reached for her doppler and went to check where to place it (usually the heartbeat is heard behind the left shoulder, so the idea is to place the doppler as close as possible to hear it)... but she frowned, felt his position again, and announced he'd moved to head down! I hadn't even felt the movement, but could feel the difference in my belly's shape.

Now however, it feels like most of the time his bum is under my right rib, or else off further to the right so oblique, with one leg under my rib and the other moving up and down my left side. Although i suppose the one on my left could be a hand, i really can't tell. He hasn't felt transverse to me... but i can't feel his leg coming off what i think is his bum (should feel like a cylinder coming out of it) so who knows... i really hope he's head down. Our toddler had flipped from head down to breech by this point (turned at 30+1) and i hadn't realised.

Gender: Boy.

What i'm looking forward to:

What i miss: Being able to bend over easily.

Next appt: 29 September, midwife.

What else i've done this week: Got my first serious query for my photography business. I don't count it as an actual job until it's complete and paid, but still it's someone saying they'd like to book me :)

Friday, 19 September 2014

Week 30

week 30 pregnant belly side view

week 30 pregnant belly side viewweek 30 pregnant belly front view

And a shot of my belly progression from weeks 27 to 30. Can really see it filling out above my navel.


How far along: 30 weeks.

How big is baby: a cabbage.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby now measures a little more than 39cm from crown to toe. Her growth in terms of her length will soon slow down but she will continue to gain weight until she's born. She probably weighs about 1.3kg at this stage.

Your baby's lungs and digestive tract are almost fully developed. She continues to open and shut her eyes. She can probably see what's going on inside your uterus (womb), tell light from dark and even track a light source. If you shine a light on your stomach, your baby may move her head to follow the light or even reach out to touch the moving glow.

Some researchers think baring your stomach to light stimulates visual development. But your baby won't be able to see much when she's born. Newborns can see a distance of only between 20cm and 30cm. Children with normal vision don't reach 20/20 vision (the same as an adult) until the age of about eight. To complete the picture, your baby now has eyebrows and can bat her eyelashes!

About a litre of amniotic fluid now surrounds your baby, but that volume decreases as she gets bigger and has less room in your uterus. As you and your baby continue to grow, don't be alarmed if you feel breathless, as if you can't get enough air. It's just your uterus pressing against your diaphragm.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though. At about 34 weeks (or just before birth, if this is your second or third pregnancy), your baby's head will move down into your pelvis as she gets into the right position for birth. That will make breathing and eating a lot easier.


Total weight gain: 55.4kg, 100g more than last week and 8.6kg since the start of pregnancy.

Maternity clothes: Pretty much all maternity or very stretchy clothes.

Sleep: Need to keep trying for earlier.

Best moment of the week: 

Food cravings/aversions: None.


Nausea: None.

Fatigue: Taking Ferro Grad-C every weekday. Haven't had any side effects other than, ahem, black poo!

Other: I'm officially 3/4 of the way through this pregnancy!

Had my booking in appointment at the hospital, all went well except for baby was transverse when the OB examined me. She wasn't worried, said it wasn't a concern at this stage, but showed more concern that i was measuring 2cm below the expected i.e. my fundus was 28 cm from my pubic bone instead of 30cm... but i'm barely 5"2 so hardly expected to have an average size baby. I had the same thing with my previous pregnancy. My midwife wasn't concerned when i told her, and as they both agreed that a transverse baby would make the measurement smaller than a longitudinal lie i'm not going to go for a growth scan at this point. In fact i'd be unlikely to go at all unless there was no growth over a few appointments and, more importantly, baby's movements changed.

I've also started producing colostrum :) Not much yet. Started on the right then a few days later the left followed suit.

Movement: Transverse at my OB appointment, still very active. Loads of kicks, mostly to the right of my belly when he's transverse or up into my right rib when he's head down. Occasionally he'll flip to breech for a day and stomp on my bladder, but happily he moves out of that position by night (as i had a footling breech before, i tend to worry unnecessarily about breech - even though it's much safer than transverse at term!)

Gender: Boy.

What i'm looking forward to: our family photoshoot on Thursday!

What i miss: Being able to bend over easily.

Next appt: 15 September.

What else i've done this week: 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Week 29

week 29 pregnant belly side view

week 29 pregnant belly side viewweek 29 pregnant belly front view


How far along: 29 weeks.

How big is baby: a butternut pumpkin.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby now weighs a little over 1kg and measures about 39cm from head to toe. On his head, hair is growing well. If you're having a boy, his testicles will have descended from near the kidneys through the groin en route to the scrotum. If your baby is a girl, her clitoris is prominent, because it's not yet covered by the still-small labia. These will grow to cover it in the last few weeks before birth.

Your baby's head is getting bigger to make room for his developing brain. Nearly all babies react to sound and light by the end of this week.

Your baby's nutritional needs reach their peak during the third trimester. You'll need plenty of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and calcium (about 200mg is deposited in your baby's skeleton every day), so eat foods rich in these nutrients. His skeleton hardens even more and his brain, muscles, and lungs are maturing all the time. Take a look at our eating well guide to make sure you are getting the right minerals and vitamins.

As your bump gets bigger you may find it harder to get a good night's sleep. Many mums-to-be find they have vivid dreams about their baby in the third trimester.


Total weight gain: 55.3kg, 600g more than last week and 8.5kg since the start of pregnancy. I read somewhere that the average weight gain in the third trimester is 5kg. I hope mine is not that much.

Maternity clothes: My largest maternity bras, maternity trousers for work and leggings at home, mostly maternity shirts - my longest tshirts are only just hanging in there.

Sleep: Need to keep trying for earlier.

Best moment of the week: 

Food cravings/aversions: None.


Nausea: None.

Fatigue: Taking Ferro Grad-C every second day.

Other: Had my first lot of Anti-D. My midwife put my referral in to the hospital last week and i've already received my first appointment. It's very early in the morning - i don't know that i'm going to manage to get E into daycare in time to make it there. I'll have to drive to the hospital and hope to get parking.

Movement: Head down!!! Yay!!!

Active, for longer periods during the day now, and longer sleep periods. Baby likes to flip between transverse (mostly at night or if i've been sitting for a long time) and cephalic, although seems to be spending longer and longer head-down :) He was ROL (right occiput lateral - ROT in the US) at last appointment. This is fine as a second time mum - there's a lot more room in there and weaker stomach muscles. My midwife said if he's still ROL when i go into labour she will give me exercises to help rotate him to LOA (the easiest position to give birth to as the narrowest diameter of baby's head is presented).

Gender: Boy.

What i'm looking forward to: a non-eventful third trimester of my pregnancy (fingers crossed) and a homebirth with a head down baby.

What i miss: Being able to bend over easily.

Next appt: 10 September.

What else i've done this week: 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week 28

week 28 pregnant belly side view

week 28 pregnant belly side viewweek 28 pregnant belly front view

Belly has definitely overtaken the boobs! Such an outie belly button too. I hope it doesn't get stretched so much it goes huge and completely flat by full term like last pregnancy.


How far along: 28 weeks.

How big is baby: a chinese cabbage.

What is baby doing this week: Your baby weighs a little more than 1kg and may measure up to 38cm from top to toe. At about this time, she can open her eyes and turn her head in your uterus (womb) if she notices a continuous, bright light shining from the outside. She's getting used to blinking her eyes, which now have eyelashes.

Her fat layers are continuing to form and her bones are nearly developed, though they are still soft and pliable. Her bones won’t harden properly until after she's born.

You're in the home stretch. The third trimester typically starts this week and lasts until the end of week 39 and sometimes even beyond. (Don't worry – 42 weeks is the maximum! After that, a mum-to-be is usually is induced to give birth.) <-- I personally disagree with this advice - some mothers and babies just gestate longer. An induction before mother's body and baby are ready can often lead to it failing and a CS being called for. I know of several women who naturally gestate to 43 or 44 weeks. Their babies were born healthy. Remember, you won't be pregnant forever. Inductions carry risk and should only be used when the risk of continuing the pregnancy outweighs the risk of induction - and this is not just based on dates, which can be very inaccurate. Do your research before agreeing to interventions!! Most women gain an average of 5kg during this trimester.


Total weight gain: 54.7kg, same as last week and 7.9kg since the start of pregnancy. I read somewhere that the average weight gain in the third trimester is 5kg. I hope mine is not that much.

Maternity clothes: My largest maternity bras, maternity trousers for work and leggings at home, my longest tshirts/maternity shirts.

Sleep: Need to keep trying for earlier.

Best moment of the week: 

Food cravings/aversions: None.


Nausea: None.

Fatigue: My blood test came back showing my ferritin levels were low, enough for pathology to mark it as slight anaemia. Iron levels themselves are still normal (ferritin is a measure of the iron stores in the body). I've started on Ferro-Grad C, which contains 105mg iron and 500mg Vitamin C. Hopefully this will help my energy levels.

Other: Picked up my Anti-D and midwife will inject the first lot tomorrow at my appointment.

Speaking of my midwife, she emailed me last night to say she was incorrect when she advised me that i would need a referral for ante and postnatal care with her from my GP. She now says it needs to be from a GP obstetrician. That made me read the Health Dept guidelines on Medicare accredited midwives, and what i read i was not easy with. It appears she is supposed to be working collaboratively with an OB or hospital doctor, and should inform me by writing in my notes the name(s) of these specialists. This i feel would put me at risk of being shunted into the hospital system, purely because i'm a VBAC mum and therefore no longer considered 'low-risk'. I don't think that risk is worth saving a few hundred dollars of her $5k fee. At this time, as long as everything with my and baby's health stays as it is we are well on track for a HBAC. The only reasons that she would transfer my care to the hospital is positioning - if baby is breech when i go into labour. Fingers crossed he's cephalic, because i really would love a homebirth. So we've decided not to apply for any of the Medicare rebates, which means she doesn't have to follow their more stringent rules, just the ones of the ACM (Australian College of Midwives), which are strict enough as they are.

Movement: Active, for longer periods during the day now, and longer sleep periods. Baby likes to flip between transverse (mostly at night or if i've been sitting for a long time) and a vertical lie. Will find out at my appointment if that vertical lie is cephalic or breech.

Gender: Boy.

What i'm looking forward to: a non-eventful third trimester of my pregnancy (fingers crossed) and a homebirth with a head down baby.

What i miss: Brie and champagne. Polony! (we bought some for The Toddler).

Next appt: 1 September

What else i've done this week: Still using the Spinning Babies move: May I add, Dip the Hip as a rising hopeful? every time i feel bub in a transverse lie. It also helps when i get SI joint discomfort. Be interesting to see what my chiro thinks next appointment - i suspect it's evening out the uneven tension in the ligaments.

I've also booked in a final family-of-three shoot with my maternity and newborn photographer. Should take place in the next month or two, as she waits for the spring wildflowers to be at their best (i asked for the shoot to be in a flower field).

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Toilet training a toddler - part 1

Familiarisation with the toilet:

Our story started some time after his first birthday, probably around 14 months. I had read about Elimination Communication, and how mums successfully had their babies without nappies because they were able to see from baby's cues when baby needed to go. I didn't think i'd be much good at that, but the idea made sense to me, and i thought it would be worth a go, albeit with nappies on. I started putting him on the toilet, just to familiarise him with it, each morning after he woke up and each evening before his bath. We were so excited when we got the timing right one day and he did a wee on the toilet! Big fuss was made, but it was quite a while before we got another.

At one point his Number 2s coincided with him getting off our bed in the morning, after we'd got him up out of his cot, and running around - within a minute or two. So we timed it to take him immediately when he tried to get off our bed, and this worked well - we had quite a long period of several weeks that we could catch Number 2s on the toilet. We made a huge fuss here too and he was pleased, but then his timing changed again and we no longer managed to catch them. By the time i could read his signal that he needed to go, it was too late - and if i rushed to grab him and pop him on, the shock would make him hold it for another half hour or so, at which point he'd go in his nappy. So we gave up on that and just continued with the placing him on the toilet at set times. We'd read a book or sing songs while he was sitting there, so that he didn't get bored and found it a fun place to sit (and it gave us a longer time to possible catch one!)

Fast forward to him turning two. We had by now stepped up the times we placed him on the toilet, so we put him on before each nappy change, when he woke, and before his bath in the evening. Success was still mixed. Daycare by now had also started asking the children if they wanted to use the potty or toilet, and he would quite often happily sit on the potty, but only occasionally would he do anything. The fact that he would head to the potty or toilet when asked was a positive step though.

Number 2s on the toilet:

Each time i got him off the toilet, i would look into the bowl and say, sounding disappointed, "No wee? Oh well. Maybe next time you can do a wee?" He would look at me and sometimes respond. I never pressed beyond that. All of a sudden, one day morning there was a number 2. I made a huge fuss and then had the idea that maybe this needed a super special reward... a square of chocolate was what popped into my head. I was to regret this later! (more on that further down - next time round, i'll use stickers.)

However, the chocolate seemed to work. He was so excited about getting a chocolate that he started performing regularly - his habit went from once every two days to twice a day! But that was more than ok by us, as it was much easier to clean up :)

We then started introducing chocolate for wees as well - one square of chocolate for a wee, two squares for a poo. The adults had a giggle about the numbering i.e. one for Number 1 etc! This worked so well, hubby decided it was time for big boy undies.

Introducing underpants:

I wasn't sure about starting toilet training - most of the articles i had read seemed to indicate you needed at least three days of solid training, and we couldn't do that without taking a day off work and daycare. But, i eventually thought, part-time training should be better than none at all, and there's an obvious distinction between home and daycare so it shouldn't confuse him. Also, the fact that hubby was ready to start and help out would make it a lot easier than me doing it on my own! And as a bonus, if he learned before the new bub was born that would make it a lot easier on me, with just one set of nappies to change and wash and fold.

So last Saturday we did the grocery shopping and while at the shops, took The Toddler to pick out a special set of Big Boy Undies. He picked out a pack of 6 which featured motorbikes. On Sunday morning, we asked if he wanted to wear his Big Boy Undies, and that was it. He didn't want to take them off all day!

We started out by putting him on the toilet every 20 minutes. This seemed to work pretty well, so we extended it to every 25. We kept exclaiming how good it was that he'd kept his undies dry, and he'd get the usual square of chocolate each time he went on the toilet. He had three accidents that day, and was in undies all day except for an hour and a half when we went to the shops (and he did not want his nappy put back on, poor boy!) We were really impressed with how well he'd done. However, tomorrow was Monday and that meant daycare, and i wasn't sure whether they'd be able to keep taking him to the toilet every 25 minutes, knowing that the ratio of carers to children is about 1:5 in his age group - it would mean a lot of extra work for them. I thought it worth asking though.

Toilet training at daycare:

I put him in nappies on the Monday morning and had a chat to one of his carers. I told her we'd started training him on the weekend, and he'd done really well, but we were doing it by the timing method and he wasn't yet at the stage where he could tell us before he needed to go, and i had thought that might be a bit much for the carers to be able to manage. She kind of nodded and asked had i brought undies that day, i said no. She said they would put him on the toilets there at each nappy change to see how he went.

We continued nappies from when we got home til shower time, which was about 1 1/2 hours. I did noticed we'd get a few accidents here, probably because he was tired from daycare. (By this time i'd had the bright idea to cut the squares in half, so he wasn't getting through quite so much chocolate in a day).

He did well with the toilet at daycare, very quickly increasing the number of times he'd go, to the point where on Wednesday when i went to pick him up one of the other carers was excited to tell me he'd done something on the toilet at every nappy change. I told her about the training on Sunday, and she said, "We can do that! I did it last year with several kids when i was in the younger toddlers' room, that's no problem at all!"

So on Thursday a nervous mumma put her baby in his Big Boy Undies and put him in the car to take to daycare. It's a 45 min drive, so i put a nappy underneath him in the car seat and hoped for good traffic. I was stunned and really pleased to find dry undies when we got to daycare! I rushed him straight to his room and the little toilets there, and he went right away :) He got a little sticker for doing so well and keeping his undies dry, and i told the carer i'd spoken to the evening before that we'd brought four changes of underwear (would have been five but he'd wet a pair that morning) and three extra changes of trackie pants, to see how he went and if he went through them all just to pop him back in a nappy.

They were happy to do that, asked if i wanted him in a nappy for his nap (usually 2 hours so i thought that was a good idea), and decided they'd take him every 30 minutes (easier for them to work out without an actual timer going off).

So after work i headed back to daycare wondering what news they'd give me.

By this time the early shift carers had left, but the ones on late shift told me he'd done well and had a few accidents that day. He'd only wet through 3 pairs though, so i was really pleased. We washed and ran them through the dryer that night ready for Friday.

Taking himself to the toilet:

Friday morning and afternoon i was able to talk to the carers who'd had him for most of the day, two of them told me that the two accidents he'd had (the third pair of undies was only slightly wet and that was when i picked him up, so they hadn't seen that), one was an accident and the other was that he had taken himself to the toilet, but hadn't quite pulled his clothes down far enough and had wet them on the toilet. They were both super proud of him and delighted to tell me that all day he'd taken himself to the toilet and they hadn't had to do the 30 minute timing, other than to ask if he needed to go. (His carers in this room and his previous one are an absolute delight, they really do form an attachment to the kids, i could see they were actually proud of how well he'd done). In fact he took himself to the toilet while i was there talking!

So Friday evening i stopped worrying about the timer (which was great, it had introduced a level of stress for me) and just asked him every half hour if he needed to go. Quite often he'd say no, but then five minutes later would say, "Wee." I'd ask, "Do you need to go to the toilet?" "Yes," and so i'd take him in there, ask him to step onto his step and pull down his own trousers and pants, and then i'd lift him on to his toilet seat (as ours are adult toilets obviously but the ones at daycare are much lower, he can get on himself). He did really well with only one accident that evening.

Today is Saturday and he's been dry all morning! I've managed to get him down for a nap, but he wanted to wear his underwear for the nap, so we'll see how he goes. We'll also head to the shops this afternoon, with his toilet seat in a plastic bag, so we can take him at the shops (and probably a change of clothes in case). Although it would be easier for me to pop a nappy on him, i think it's important for his development that he has his undies on all the time (except for night).

More to come in this series next week!

Toilet training a toddler - part 1