TTC#4 Cycle 6

February birthday - hopefully we manage it this month. I'm in two minds about trying next month as we already have two with a March birthday.
CD12345678910111213 14MMMMMM♡♡

CD1 - AF arrived in the morning, a day after an early BFP, making it a 25 day cycle. The last five months have been 26, 27, 23, 24 and 26 respectively, so irregular but not too far off.

TTC #4 Cycle 5

And just like that, we skipped December and are onto an attempt for a January birthdate.
I will start using OPKs on about day 12. I have only 4 left so need to either ration them out or quickly get some more on eBay. My previous tracked cycles (ie TTC #1, #2 and #2) all seemed to have ovulation around day 16, but the cycles varied in length from 28 to 31. The current ones seem to be shorter. I have the feeling I don't ever get a clear positive on OPKs but rather a line a little fainter than the control, so I'll go off that.
CD12345678910111213 14MMMMMM♡♡♡


CD1 - AF arrived in the evening, making it a 26 day cycle. The last four months have been 26, 27, 23 and 24 respectively, so irregular but not too far off.

I did do 2 OPKs, but forgot to note the dates. The first was sometime after the 12th as I forgot, but it was positive. The second was negative.

I took a pregnancy test 2 days before my period was due... and got a faint positive. Phot…

Cycle 4 TTC #4

Cycle 4 of baby #4. My last few cycles have been 26/27 days, but this one was 23 days. I'm going to look into ways of increasing my luteal period, although I don't know for sure if that's the part of my cycle that is shorter. I intend to buy some ovulation tests for this period so can hopefully pinpoint it a bit better. This is the final month we can try for a 2019 baby, as next month's due date would be too close to Xmas day.

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CD1 - AF arrived in the evening.
CD25 - AF arrived in the evening. Blah. Now we have to miss a month (EDD 20th Dec, too close to Xmas/New Years for my liking) and the gap between kids is getting wider. Add to that I'm getting older... Now I will be 42 when the next baby arrives and that's a scary thought. Should have started earlier... Too late now but my thoughts keep going back to that.
As a reference, bub 1 took 2 months to conceive. Then 3 months, 5 mon…

TTC #4 Cycle 3

Cycle 3 of baby #4. My last few cycles have been 26/27 days. Ovia Fertility app has my fertile period from CD10 to CD15. My Fitbit app has it from CD8 to CD14, with ovulation on CD13. I bought OPKs from eBay for this month, but sadly the description was misleading and although it mentioned a box with 5 tests, all that arrived was one test. How on earth are you supposed to pinpoint ovulation with one test? Should have just gone to the chemist - would have been cheaper per test!

CD12345678910111213 14MMMMMM




CD1 - AF arrived overnight.

CD9 and 10 - picked up sore throat. Feeling pretty tired and CD10 has come with some lovely stomach cramps as well.

CD12 - used the single ovulation test I had - negative.

CD 23 - AF arrived in the evening.

Am pretty disappointed... have one more month in which we can try for a 2019 baby. After that we have to skip a month to avoid Xmas and then start again.

TTC #4

Cycle 2 of baby #4. My last few cycles have been short, 26 days. I'm not sure where that leaves my ovulation date so I'm just going off what Ovia Fertility app says.

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CD1 - AF arrived in the morning.

CD27 - AF arrived overnight. On to cycle 3.

Exercise update

It's now August and I've done pretty well with my exercise resolution, managing my exercise routine without a break until I fell sick in April with a doozy of the flu that knocked me about for 3 weeks. Since then I've had a few breaks from exercise as I've succumbed to winter colds (pretty bad this year despite the mild winter) but have kept up in between and on those days I wasn't feeling too bad.

I'm now up to Module 10 of Mutu (and yes they did change the format so that instead of Weeks, they're now Modules!). I ended up going forward past Module 4 without managing to get my gap down to 2 fingers, as I was getting far too bored with the same exercises. I could do the new exercises without doming or shaking so figured I was good to go.

Sadly even with all my hard work, there's not been much change. If anything, it looks worse, particularly as I've stopped breastfeeding now and my boobs are back to normal size. Yet, my measurements are still about …

New Year, new you?

I posted previously about going to a women's physio to deal with my stomach gap after pregnancy. We had some moderate success in closing my diastasis recti, in fact we got my navel gap down to about 3 fingers and moderately deep. She gave me exercises every visit and I am still continuing with them, plus I started on the Mutu system which is when we really saw a difference in my passive measurement vs my active measurement.

But, as usual, life was busy and exercises became less of a priority. This year, I'm making them a priority. This year, I will be able to go to the beach in a bikini.

So, to keep track of my exercises, here goes: a weekly chart to mark them off.

Jan 1-6MTuWThFSaSuPhysio exercises (x2pd)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXMutu Core 2 (x2pd)XXXXXXXXXXXMutu Intensive (x4)X
I will post my 'before' photo too... taken at the start of Mutu a few months ago. I'm up to week 4 now (although I really think they should be called stages. I cannot progress beyond week 4 until I …